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by Manny P.

Our beautiful Max passed away on 8-7-12. He was the center and sunshine of our lives. He was 14 years old. We miss him so much; we have a hole in our hearts. The pain is terrible. He was so energetic, so caring. I miss him kissing me in the morning by licking my face that's how they kiss you and say they love you.

When I come back from work I will get the same reception. He was very smart. We got our little guy when he was one month old. My Max developed an enlarged heart and decease had trouble breathing, had dementia, his back legs gave out and lost his hearing. All of a sudden old age crept in—everything happened so fast.

The vet, said you only got one option, so she gave him sedative to relax him and then she gave him the second needle. The whole family was there saying goodbye to him till he took his last breath, telling him how much we love him. The last face he saw was my son crying and telling him how much he loves him.

We are lonely without him. People tell you to get another Aussie but I don't know if I want to go through that pain again. Hope to see you soon my baby at the Rainbow Bridge. We will be together again, I LOVE YOU Soooo MUCH. POPI. It's so sad GOD gives them such a short life span. They should last longer I'll gladly give 10 of my years to Max so he'll still be around. I totally forgot that my companion Max aged faster than me. I honestly thought we willl grow old together. REST IN PEACE MY BABY MAX.

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Sep 23, 2012
my furry brother
by: Tania

I will miss you every day of my life Chee Chee. I called you that since the day I held you in my arms. You always knew I was speaking to you when I said'd come running to me. I miss you with an ache in my heart and soul. I think of you every day. I look at your picture on my desk and try to push away the tears that threaten to overcome me. It's never going to be okay that you are gone. I just know that you couldn't stay longer because God didn't make it so that any dog could. I wonder where you are, what you are doing, what you are thinking, if you know that we miss you terribly, that we cry for you, and that we smile at our memories.I imagine that you wouldn't want us to cry as much as we do bc you try to tell us that we will see you again later. I imagine that you are playing in the grass with other dogs and eating as much rice, beans, and steak as you can. Maybe even some chocolate since you couldn't have any before. I imagine that you don't feel far from us. That you hear us still and feel our presence, and walk next to us sometimes just to see where we are going just to check out the safety of it, maybe to even tug on our pant-leg or sock and herd us in. I imagine that you feel our sadness and lick our hands even if we can't feel it sometimes. And when I see a dog that looks like you, I imagine that it's your way of saying hi and that you love us too. I know as humans we are supposed to get over it. I know we can't do that, but we are trying to be rational about it even though our hearts feel heavy. It hurts me to know you are gone and it hurts me to know that my family is heartbroken too. I can't make my mom or dad's pain or my brothers pain less in any way. Some humans never love a pet as much as we loved you, but you were our family and always will be. I learned to love animals deeply because of you and as a result I became more human and more in touch with how much there is inside of me. I'll never forget our memories. Time just went by too quickly. I was always aware of the ticking that seemed to tell me I would face this day but I always hoped it would stay far away. Now I can only miss you and the ticking of that will stay with me till my last breath. I'm sorry I wasn't there Max. It breaks my heart to have lost you without a final kiss. I'm just hopeful that you really heard me from Greece as I tried to tell you how much I loved you and begged you to stay. I love you immeasurably. I love you eternally. I will always regret not seeing you one last time. I hope I see you in my dreams sometimes.You were loved by us. Very much and always. Till I see you at the rainbow bridge my chee chee. I love you maxowaxo.<3

Feb 07, 2013
My Maxo Waxo
by: Manny P

Hi Max hope your having a good time in heaven can't believe it's been six months since you left us. I think of you every day with a tear in my face. I finally got the courage to look at your photos and movies with lots of tears. All those trips to north carolina that you love so much, were going to miss you a lot on those trips, I still can't believe 14 years went by so fast, every body here miss you terribly, We love you very much you were our sunshine my little guy. LOVE POPI

Aug 07, 2013
My Maxowaxo one year later.
by: Manny/Maria

Hi max well popi its been a year since you left us and the pain is still there just the same we miss you just as much you will always be in are heart. Mommy sends her love, Tania, Andre, Armando, sent kisses and love. Were watching your movies and pictures with lots of tears. It was pretty hard for me at work today thinking of you, Hope your having a good time in heaven, Love you very much, Till we meet again, POPI

Aug 07, 2014
by: Manny P

My dear MAX today is your second year in heaven we still have the pain and it will always be there . I had a hard day today thinking about you. Tania, Armando, Andre, and Mami, sent there love and miss you very much, Today we are looking at your photo,s you were so energetic that beautiful blue eye you had i miss your playful ways, We have a new friend in the house. He,s name is Chewie, he,s half australian, and collie. He has a lot energy, we got him at the same place that we got you. Mami love you and miss you always.

Aug 09, 2015
My maxo waxo
by: Manny P

Hi Max, It,s been 3 years since you left us, and we miss you terribly i think about you every day, I hope your having a good time in heaven and with a lot of friends, Mommy, Armando, Tania, Andre, sent their love,Some day we,ll be togeather again, love you always, Popi.

Aug 14, 2016
My maxo waxo
by: Manny P

Hi, Max how are you in heaven,Its been four years since you left us we miss you very much ,and love you,I think about you every day,Mommy sends her love so does Armando,Andre and Tania. We watch your movies we cry and smile and think about those 14 years you gave us and all the funny things you use to do, Well my Max until next year, Love You Popi.

Sep 05, 2017
My maxo Waxo
by: MannyP.

Dear Max, it,s been five years since you left us 8/12/12 We still miss you so much and love you very much, we think about you every day watch your pictures and movies the great times you gave us while you were in this world,Mami, Armando, Tania, Andre, they all sent their love, I hope your having a great time in heaven at the RainBow Bridge, Till we meet again love you, POPI

Aug 30, 2018
Max P.
by: Manny P.

Hi Max its been 6 years since you went to heaven and how we miss you so much, Mami sends her love she misses you very much too so does Tania, Andre,and Armando. we think about you every day and look at your pictures and movies some day we will be together again we love you very much maxo always in our hearts till next time love you Popi.

Aug 31, 2019
My Maxo Waxo
by: Manny P.

Hi Max how you doing well another year has pass since you left us we miss you terribly it's been 7 years and you will always be in our hearts Mami is thinking of you Armando and Andre, Tania they all are talking about you looking at your photos i think about you every day, well my baby i will say good night for now hope you are having fun up there with all the friends you have made, Love you very much Max till next time. Popi 8/31/19

Aug 23, 2020
My maxowaxo
by: Manny P

Hi, Max it's been eight years since you left us we miss you very much we have pictures of you all over the house
we look at your pictures in our albums we cry a lot we watch the vidoes of you with us in North Carolina those where great times with you i think about you every day some times i run into a person walking their dog and they look just like you and it brings a tears into my eyes it reminds me when i use to walk you god i miss you Max you where my joy in this world two years after you left us we went to the rescue center where we got you and adopted a another friend his name is chewie he is very nice and lovable Mami sents her love so does Armando, Tania, Andres. well Max hope you having a good time in heaven with a lot of friends till next year my friend love you so much Max.

Aug 17, 2021
My Maxo Waxo
by: Manny P

Hi, Max how you doing in your 9 years in heaven hope your having a lot of fun with all your new friends, We here are doing ok we miss you very much we have all your photos in the living room we say hi to you every day, Can't believe 9 years have gone by so fast it seems time these days is going fast who knows maybe pretty soon we might be together again love you very much and miss you popi. Mami sends her love Armando, Tania, and Andre also send their love, Hope you remember us when we get there to be with you ok popi take care till next time love you very much my little boy.

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