My Mini Astralian Shepherd Is So Lazy What Can I Do?

by Jamie

I just bought a 16 week old Mini Aussie puppy two days ago and she sleeps ALL day long and she only gets up to whine at the door to potty or to kiss attack my 9 month old daughter. I took her to the vet yesterday and he said she has a clean bill of health, what can I do to get her more playful? She has no interest in any toy, not even squeaky toys...

Her background: She was raised on a farm not much human contact it took us about a half hour to catch her, she had many doggy friends (too many I would say), and she was an outdoor puppy never been inside.

I was able to potty train her and train her to paw at a bell to let me know she needs to go out (instead of whining), and train to walk on a leash. But I would like to have her play. PLEASE HELP MY PUPPY IS TOO LAZY!?!?!

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by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

You will probably be sorry you asked this question in a few weeks when she is bouncing off the walls. Your baby is just trying to adjust to her new situation, so please give her some time. She really doesn't have a clue why she was taken away from her dog family and needs to get used to a new life with humans.

Mini Astralian Shepherd Is So Lazy
by: Anne

That could just be your puppy's personality and your puppy will need a lot of time and socialization to come out of their shell... from the background you describe.
Take your puppy to an obedience or agility class. Take the puppy to the park... get your puppy out to experience the world.
See if that helps.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

she's young
by: Anonymous

She is only 16 weeks old. Give it time. She is still a puppy. She will be running around, jumping, fetching, and playing soon enough. Just like a child. Try to train her to do something else to put her mind on something. Try sitting, staying, shaking, fetching, etc. This is normal for her age but training early will help discipline.

by: Anonymous

Our pup was like that too. It takes them a while to gain interest in toys and playing, so give it time and let her be. Instead of pushing her to play, try training her the basics (sit, stay, etc) and then the advanced (roll over, fetch, play dead, spin, etc.) using clicker training and treats. Some Aussies prefer mental stimulation rather than physical stimulation. Good luck! Aussies are great, so DON'T GIVE UP ON YOUR PUP (she probably has an amazing personality inside her, just blossoming) Be patient and give your pup love and training and time. :)

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