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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care
Guide To Australian Shepherd Training and Care

My Mini Aussie Is Afraid Of Me When I Dont Hit Her And She Cowers

by Kyla
(Mandan, ND, USA)

What can I do about my Mini Aussie she cowers from me and pees when she comes over to me I don't beat her. I just tap her on the nose when she does something wrong. But I don't know what to do I don't want people to think I beat her because of her actions toward me.

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by: Wilda

how old is she? How long have you had her, did she have a previous owner? If not, how long ago did she start doing this? Has something else happened at home? example an argument with someone, or did you drop something that was loud and scary to her? Aussie are extrememly sensatve and intuitive, so think about all of that.
Try giving her treats, and praise her, as well as pet her gently, talk soothingly to her. hopefully, this will help. be patient and kind.

Be Calm
by: Jen

My Aussie did the same thing when I got her. I bought her from one of the best breeders in my area at 6 wks so I knew there were no past issues. She will grow out of it. Aussies are so in tune with you that if you are worried about her reactions you will actually make them worse. Just give her time, patience, and love.

My aussie did to...
by: Cheryl

My Aussie did the same thing and still does in some situations. It's called submissive peeing. It's involuntary on their part, but there are ways to avoid it, such as, never give attention to her when she is excited or afraid, only when she is calm. When you come home, walk straight into the house and like Cesar says "no eyes, no ears, no touch". When you do give her attention do not bend over top of her, that's threatening in dog minds... don't look at her at first either and be quiet. In time she'll gain more trust in you and you won't have to be so careful. Also, Aussies are very sensitive to begin with so only positive training should be done. This should be practiced by all peoples that come in contact with her. My aussie rarely has accidental peeing anymore and the odd occasion that she does is from over excitement now... so I always make an effort to have her empty her bladder frequently. Oddly enough this is general a female problem in dogs as I was told (my aussie is a female to).

Same here
by: Anonymous

My mini does the same thing. We brought her home at 8 weeks. The first month or two at home, we had no issues with submissive peeing. As she has gotten older, the problem has gotten worst. Almost to the point of annoying. We've never hit or abused her in any way, but she is extremely submissive to us as well as other dogs. It's actually quit embarrassing to say the least (at dog parks or in general public) when she cowers and submits over simple commands.

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