My Mini Aussie's Color

by Anne

On my Aussie Myles ICA reg he is stated tri red. I have not seen any Aussies his color and it's only really 2 colors. Is this normal? He is also 9 weeks old 9" and 5.2lbs. I also don't think that is normal. The vet did say he needs to eat more though. Thanks in advance.

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My mini aussie's color
by: Anne Calmes

It is hard to tell from the picture but your puppy looks like either a really light red or
a sable colored aussie, which is not a desired or recognizeable color in aussies. If it only has 2 is a "bi" colored puppy, not a "tri" colored puppy.

Your puppy's size is more like a "toy" size, from what you describe. I have Standard aussies so I can only tell you what I know about the breed standard.

Please feel free to e-mail me if you need more information.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies

Yellow Aussie
by: Anonymous

Hello- I agree with Anne for the most part. The only thing I would add is that I think your puppy is most likely the color known as "Yellow," which (along with sable) is not a recognized color according to breed standard. They do show up in litters on occasion, but they are not considered "breeding" or "show eligible" due to their color. Very pretty color, but it is recommended to spay/neuter Aussies of colors other than those noted in the Aussie breed standard. To my knowledge there are not any health risks associated with the Yellow color, though there are some health issues that are within the Aussie breed in general that you should acquaint yourself with. Best of luck with your puppy!
A link for you... also has a lot of great health information.

My yellow Aussie
by: Linda

I have a standard size yellow Aussie. She is just gorgeous and although yellow is not a standard color I wouldn't trade her for anything. She is only a year old and already watches over my two small dogs and guards our yard, loves to ride in the car and is a great retriever (I am still working with her on the frisbee. She has all the traits my blue Merle had and is a real sweetheart. Love the yellows!

My 9 week old puppy
by: Alyssa

I recently just got an aussie from a guy I knew and he handed me his vet records. The vet claims he's a red tri but he only has white and the "sable" or yellow color. And his eyes are written down as "amber" and I was curious if this could mean he isn't an australian shepherd after all. I've been looking up pictures on google hoping to find another one that looks like him and I found this page. Any comments would help!

Yellow Aussie
by: Anonymous

It appears your Aussie is yellow! This is undesirable because yellow can mask Merle gene expression, so you could unknowingly breed to another Merle and get a lethal white.

by: Anonymous

I have yellows in my Aussie lines and they are sometimes born with spots and other markings that fade out. Some of mine will be Merle looking with light and dark spots that fade away. I even have them born what appears to be all white then gain darker yellow as they age. The color does nothing but say you can not show the dog in conformation but they are still great one of a kind wonderful dogs.

yellow/sable/blonde little aussies
by: Anonymous

I have a blonde bi toy aussie and her parents just had another litter with 3 strawberry blondes. I know that the color is frowned on but does anyone know what the market is like for these? All are red skinned/noses and healthy. They can't be merles if no merle parent correct? I happen to love the light reds!

looking for yellow Aussie
by: Dawn

Does anyone know of a breeder with yellow puppies or yellow lines!

Aussie hair
by: Anonymous

We have a 5 month old yellow Aussie. His parents were a black tri and a red merle. He is a sable and white beautiful baby. He has the short hair now and we wonder if it will ever be long. We also have a red merle that has the long hair and just wonder if his will get that long. Any help is appreciated. These are just family dogs and are just loved.

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