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My Red Tri Aussie Puppy Will Bite Me, Growl, Rip Up Stuff, And More

This is Copper... my wild child

This is Copper... my wild child

Hi, I have a beautiful 10-week-old red tri Australian Shepherd puppy. He is big for his age at 18 lbs. I got him at 7 weeks because he was bigger and doing great. He potty trained and crate trained quickly. I work with him daily and I’m home during the day.

My small Shepherd mix female loves him... thinks he’s her puppy. She allows him to jump on her and bite her and run crazy with her playing with tug toys. He bit her so much she started getting tug toys to play with him. She offers them to him and encourages him to play tug of war. Smart girl!

I have an eight-year-old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. He’s older and is ok with the puppy as long as he minds his manners. I’ve raised three Aussies and one Border Collie in my life. This little guy gets the blue ribbon for crazy! He’s very intelligent and learns quickly. He gets plenty of exercise and I’m concerned maybe too much for his little legs considering he’s still growing.

Anyway, around 7 every night a switch flips on in his brain and he runs around full speed. He will bite me, growl, rip up stuff, and try to run jump the other dogs. He reminds me of a roadrunner cartoon—zoom zoom! I have to restrain him and tell him to settle and put him in his crate! I’ve never experienced this in any other of my Aussies!

He gets mad if he doesn’t get his way. I asked the breeder about him and she said it’s because he’s a red-headed Aussie, they act that way. Oh my! He gets ugly! I’m thinking he needs brain games—things to engage him and make him think or work to do.

What’s your opinion?

Thank you!


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Puppy zoomies
by: Anonymous

Hi. I was just going through this with my puppy right before I read this. We call it puppy zoomies. He gets a wild look in his eyes and starting running and jumping all over the place. He also sometimes jumps at me and grabs my clothes. It is almost like he has lost control of himself so what I have been doing is as soon as I see even a hint of that look in his eyes have him focus in on me by having him perform a favorite trick to get treats. I always have them nearby. His is giving the paw. He is older now than yours so he can do this easier. The zoomies only happen like once a week now also probably due to his age. When he was younger we use to have to crate him during this time or bring him outside which wasn't easy because he was also big for his age. Good luck. He will outgrow this.

Dog Witching Hour
by: Nancy

Hi Diana, we have a tri female who is 15 weeks old. She does the exact same thing but her time starts around 5:30. Our neighbours who have a well behaved Golden Retriever call it her witching hour and said their dog did the same thing as a puppy. You have to have her busy in an activity before the switch is turned on. Training, walks, brain games all work for Gracie and it has been much better now that we are managing this time better. Google dog witching hour and you will learn more about it. Hope this helps, Nancy.

full of energy
by: carol

My now 2-year-old tri-red Aussie still does this. Not every evening but most. I take advantage of this energy and play tug and get some training in. I find she is more focused. When she was a puppy I just either sat on the floor and played with her or taught her fetch and to put the ball in my hand. Trick training is also a great way to wear off some of that energy.

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