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My Rescuer, Daisy May

by Linda McCune
(Warrensburg, Mo.)

Myself out of the hospital with my Rescuer, Daisy May.

Myself out of the hospital with my Rescuer, Daisy May.

With no hints of the change in my life style to come all appeared normal, nothing seemed adversely different in me than any other day so I had no idea of what was to come this night. It was nothing more than a typical evening around here, watching the television as we normally do and playing with our Aussies prior to going to bed.

Around 9pm I decided I would go to bed, it had been a long day and I was tired so off to bed I went. Our Aussies at the time we had 5 that has now changed to 6 wonderful wiggle butts most generally stay in the house with us at night and this night was no different. Off to bed we all went. My husband would come down later after watching his show.

All was good I was sleeping just fine as was my husband, no concerns noted. I am in my mid 60’s which makes me have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom nothing unusual for me to do this.
It was around midnight when I got up to do my thing as I have done many of time before so it was that time of night. I got up to go and felt light headed but not bad. I went and did my business.

When I started back to the bed I got extremely dizzy and went totally limp, I had no control over my legs or arms and fell to the floor. Landing face first on the tiled floor. Later would find out that I had broken my nose, pushed it up in to my sinus cavity a little along with other bruises and concerns.

I laid there on the floor unable to get myself up, legs would not work, arms would where not able to push or pull me up. I could not scream or talk, body functions where gone. There was blood all over the floor I was laying on and all over myself. Fear had set in I had no clue of what to do, I could not yell to get my husband to come and help me. The thought of, “this is the end” started coming to me.

About that time, I felt something brushing on me but I could not roll over to see what it was as I could not move and the lights were out. Then my face was being licked and I knew it was one of our Aussies, it was Daisy. She licked my face for a bit then laid beside me for a brief time. Again, she returned to my face licking and whimpering. Suddenly, she just left and I thought to myself was that the last thing I will see?

At that point, the light came on and my husband walked in to the bathroom and saw me on the floor covered in blood and unable to move. Called 911 and I was off to the hospital, saved but terrified of what had happened. It boiled down to me having a Diabetic seizure/comma type experience, did not even know I had Diabetes.

After all was over my husband explained to me that Daisy had jumped on to the bed and was jump, licking on him. Jumping off the bed and back on it a few times. He figured she wanted out so he got up to let her out. But she would not come to the door. Daisy would run to the other room and comeback he said she just keep doing this so he followed her and that is when he found me.

I truly believe if not for my little rescuer I would not be here. I love my little girl more than ever for her insight to understand and know I needed help and do what was needed at the time. The good Lord and my Aussie where with me that horrible night my praise and love for both will never diminish.

Ben and Linda McCune
HoneyCreek Australian Shepherds
AKC Standard Australian Shepherds

Comments for My Rescuer, Daisy May

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Daisy the rescue dog
by: Bonnie

what a great dog for you the aussies are the best. I have two aussie dogs and they are so so smart. What a great dog you have. Take care.

by: Kat

What a great story. Thank you for sharing it.
You are blessed and being watched over not only
by God but your loving Daisy.

by: Dee

Daisy is a hero for saving your life!!!

Saving your life
by: Anonymous

What a god dog!!💕

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