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My Special Boy

by Hope R

My Reno. I am so sorry I couldn't save you. This all came on so suddenly and we are heartbroken over losing you. Thank you for 5 fun filled years. There were no signs of your cancer until it was too late. Your energetic spirit hid any pain you were feeling. We always joked you had doggy A.D.D. You were my special boy!!

We are so sad to not share life with you. Daddy will be home from his deployment to Afghanistan in a few months and homecoming will not be the same without you greeting him at the door. Daddy is so sorry he couldn't be here for your passing. We love you Reno, we always will… I will never know if I made the right decision, and will regret making the decision forever. You'll always be my Reno Beano... Forever a part of our family.

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Feb 02, 2010
Never Regret
by: Mark

What a beautiful guy you had... I know the heartwrenching thoughts when we must hasten a departure, but you did your best. It is only grieving that creates these thoughts, not what happened. I have lost 2, the last in Nov 09. It takes a very long time. My prayers are with you for healing.

Mar 22, 2010
the right thing
by: Greg

I recently went through a similiar situation, and i too questioned my decision. Just trust in the fact that your love made the decision. You can always second guess yourself but love sees no wrong.

Best wishes,

Oct 04, 2010
we had to do the same
by: Wilda

I am so sorry, I know it is not an easy decision. We hadto come to the same decision when our baby boy or 5 had his last cluster seizure that lasted 5 hours and left him camatose. He and we had been suffering for 3 years because of the epilepsy. We treid everthing for 5 years, and there are times I thought" but what if I did this, or that, or maybe something else". like someone else said to you, I say the same to you and myslelf, we did the best we vcould. we loved them, and we tried. We couldn't let them continue to suffer.
I pray Gods helaing over your heart and mind.

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