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My Sweet Girl Hailey

by Carol

This is my first Aussie and I have to say my favorite. The intelligence and the strong desire to please it's owner makes this breed unlimited what you can train them.

My Hailey is 6 months old and she is always by me side. Her herding instinct is very strong. From the first day we got her at three months she would nip at our heels and circle us. She no longer does that.

The cutest thing she does is every evening after her dinner she rearranges her bed. She drags all around the room, flips it upside down, plays tug a war with it.

She is the friendliest and she has not yet met a person or animal that she is not excited to see. She is such a joy to have in my life.

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My Sweet Girl Hailey
by: Rebecca

I agree the Aussies are the best breed around. Our Jodiegirl is 8 years old and is still amazing us with her intelligence. She knows we usually prepare for bed around 8 o'clock and is willing to come inside around that time. We used to say "bedtime Jodi". We no longer say that. If we are tired of playing with her (we tire before she does) we say " that's enough, Jodi". She drops her toy and goes away. She seems to read our minds when ever we talk to her. It's a strange and wonderful phenomena.

My big sweetie
by: Mark H

My little girl will be 11 in July. She has stolen our hearts from the day we picked her up from the breeder. She is our constant companion and rarely leaves our view. My wife is a bit miffed that our Aussie picked me to be her 2nd. She is highly intelligent as is the rest of her breed. Be patient and train you Aussie. Make sure to give them plenty of exercise and keep them entertained with toys. Make sure to get your Aussie accompanied with other dogs. That is one mistake we made with our little girl. She sees most other dogs as threats to us specifically if the dog appears to be dominant. Her protective side kicks in which can be a bit embarrassing and sad that she is losing the possibility to gain other dog friends. Still, I wouldn't trade her for any other dog. The Aussie breed is a great breed. You made a great choice in a dog breed. They will love you until they are gone. Enjoy...

Adorable puppy
by: Kenny Dressler

She's an adorable looking little Aussie. I have a 6 year old Aussie named Lucy and she's been my baby ever since I got her when she was 6 weeks old.

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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