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My Wonderful Aussie Cosmo

by John
(Reno, Nv USA)

Cosmo was the last of his litter. At 6 months old it was not looking as if he would be adopted. I took him home and realized he had not been properly socialized. He would always hide in the furthest corner of the house and was very skiddish. After 6 months of intensive training he turned into the best Aussie I've had yet. He is so calm and intelligent. He is beautiful and gets attention everywhere we go. He can walk off leash even in crowded China town, San Francisco. He grew up on 20 acres in Truckee, Ca. and got to run free which I'm sure added to his independence and experience. He's very dominant and very proud. He prances when he walks as if in a parade. His older black-tri sister taught him the ropes. He's the last of my 3 Aussies now and getting up there himself. I love my Cosmo so much; he is such a character.

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by: Anonymous

What a beautiful dog... he looks like my aussie girl! Love those aussies!

Great looking dog!
by: Cosmo

I just bought a puppy this past weekend after loosing my 6.5 year old "Tansy" I have a posting at Rainbow bridge. I lost her to Leukiema In early Nov. It's hard to tell marking's when the puppy I picked is only 4 weeks old but, I think my new girl is going to look very much like your Cosmo. Pretty dog! I hope a puppy helps me heal my broken heart. I was taken by a calm puppy that seemed to know my pain and looked up at me when I spoke to her. Every Aussie is different in one way or another. They wiggle butt the same and will give you unconditional love. I don't expect my new puppy to be the same as Tansy. With the same training, I hope she will learn to fetch like and behave somewhat like her. I only know that what I really need is that unconditional love and a butt to wiggle for me. What happened to Cosmo's leg?

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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