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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care


by Terri Phillips
(Virginia Beach, VA)



Myka is a my sweet girl. She is an energetic 3 year old M/M Aussie girl. Rumor has it that she loves to play fetch 24/7. She is amazing at it too! She was taught by scent and touch since she is blind and deaf. She can sit, down, shake and she is learning "speak" speak... yes speak!

Myka is a great ambassador for other handicapped animals. She shows that animals with disabilities can be great companions and deserve to be loved. She is also an educator. Telling people her story demonstrates the importance for educated breeding practices.

Myka is a wonderful companion, who has no idea she is different from my other Aussie... well except for one thing... she loves to lick your toes. Silly girl!

Comments for Myka

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Nose Knows
by: Will W

Myka has the signature pink nose & that intelligent face Aussie owners love, me included. My guy, Jack, (Jaxson) is brilliant & seems psychic. If I even think about a walk he jumps up from my feet & starts pestering me to get going. Enjoy!

from zimbabwe
by: maddie

your little girl is gorgeous... Thank u for giving her a loving home.. Not many people would bother with a blind and or deaf dog... You can see she is a happy dog :-)

Thank goodness for people like you
by: Kelly

I'm so glad there are people like you in the world. The ones who take the time to care for a girl like Myka, and to know that just because she is deaf and blind through no fault of her own she still can live a long and happy life being what they are and not put down because of poor breeding practices. Bless you and Myka and may your lives being long and full of love.

Lethal Whites
by: Sue - Arizona

I too have a M/M Aussie, she is deaf and partially blind, with star burst pupils. I also have a male that is deaf - but can see. Yup, they don't know they are "different", and the question is, are they really ?? All they want is to love us - and be loved. How simple, how lucky we are.

She is one cute girl
by: Charles

Compelling story and a beautiful puppy. I don't know what to say beyond that. Well done!

by: Ethel

Myka is my "grandpuppy and she is adorable, loveable and smart...

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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