Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care
Guide To Australian Shepherd Training and Care

Natural Balance Fish And Sweet Potato Canned Dog Food Out Of Stock!

by Nancy
(Federal Way, WA)

I have been feeding my Aussie and Border Collie, Natural Balance Fish and Sweet Potato CANNED Dog Food. In the last few months its been more hard to find. Petco usually sells it and they have been out of it for some time now. I found it on Amazon but now they are out too. I can't find it anywhere. I checked everywhere that the Natural Balance website said they sell it and frankly now I'm worried with all the talk about genetic testing with salmon.

My dogs reacted badly when they were young to beef and chicken. Can someone advise me as to what to change them to next that would cause the least amount of stress to their digestive tracts? Thanks!

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care