Natural Products For Alergies Instead Of Prednisone

by Nancy
(Hollywood, Florida)

Does anyone know of a natural product to help allergies instead of prednisone? My dog has allergies and when we took him to the vet he put him on an antihistamine and also gave him a shot of cortizone because he was so itchy. He also has a cough from his allergies. When he gave him the cortizone shot he was like a new dog - no coughing. We can put him on prednisone but I am so afraid to - any advise.

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by: jcrply

I just want to put in a plug for grain-free diet. There are a number of choices of canned and dry dog foods that are grain-free. It might be worth a try to see if getting the grain out of your pup's diet helps with the allergies. Alternative would be a home-made grain-free diet.

by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

I gave my Aussie who had nasal allergies with constant sinus infections flax oil. My vet had used it successfully on cats with allergies and decided to use it on Dundee. He NEVER had another sinus infection. Everyday he had the flax oil and a benadryl during allergy season. He took the flax oil everyday no matter what time of year.

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