Need Advice About 10 Week Old Deaf Puppy

I have a 10 week old puppy who is deaf. He is a great addition to the family but I am looking for any advice.

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It's doable trust me
by: Anonymous

I have successfully seen trained deaf dogs. You just need to get a trainer who's familiar with hand signals that can help you. Obv you can never let a deaf dog off leash what so ever. They have no recall. I support anyone who would help with a special needs animal. I have a blind cat and you will be surprised at what they can do. I would take the dog to the vet to rule any other health issues out. For example heart murmers are very common in dogs with other abnormalities. Kudos to you!

deaf puppy
by: stacy

I also have a deaf aussie puppy. He is 11 wks old and the best thing i ever did. It is very scary. We are in training and he is watching me good. There is collars for deaf dogs and ive thought about getting a key finder pager so i can find him. Good luck

Deaf Puppy
by: Deb

I have trained two Aussies using verbal and sign language commands. Even though both dogs could hear, I work in the Deaf community and wanted my dogs to be able to interact with my students and clients. They have learned the visual signs or cues often easier than verbal commands. Just make sure you have your puppy's attention when teaching a sign, such as sit, stay, come, etc., and give plenty of treats for the correct behavior. Just as with verbal commands, the sign must be done many times, hundreds of times before it will understand. There are many sign language books and dictionaries with basic signs to help you get started! And always keep the pup on leash when you're outside. Good Luck

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