Need Australian Shepherd Puppy Buying Advice

by Ruth
(Johnson City, TN, USA)

I had two Australian Shepherds from a breeder who has since stopped breeding. I consulted with a breeder who has no puppies and she recommended another breeder with puppies available from two litters, two boys at three months, and one at 7 months.

My concern is that both litters had some stillborn puppies (2 of 8 from the recent litter, 1 of 4 from the earlier litter), and the more recent litter one puppy has bilateral deafness, though it is a tri and this was not a merle to merle breeding.

The breeder has been involved in showing and breeding for many years, with a good reputation, but all this has me a bit nervous. I am planning to visit and possibly purchase a puppy soon, and would like advice.

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by: LaBergere

Make sure you ask for copies of HSF4, AOC, MDR1, PRa, also CERF. Elbow and Hip certification as well. Also copies of VACCINATIONS of BOTH parents up to date...there can be severe reprucussions to the litter IF the parents are NOT up to date on vaccines. I would also ask for copies of tests regarding verification of socialisation of the parents :-) IF there is any hesitancy I would move on...

Thanks for advice
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much. I will make a copy of this and bring it along. I knew about some but not all of that, so it's very helpful.

Puppy buying
by: Anonymous

No matter how careful and conscientious a breeder is, sometimes they hit on a bad combination for a litter. The fact that you already have concerns about these two litters is reason enough to back off. Without knowing all the details, I would not take a pup from either of these litters. There could be health problems down the road. It's hard to be on a wait list for a pup, I know, but perhaps you should keep looking.

by: Anonymous

I appreciate your input. I've been trying to do rescues and now been waiting for a while with this breeder. I do have concerns, but the breeder referring me knows them well and thinks it is okay. I will probably go to see them and the puppy, and make a decision then. My previous dog was very healthy until the day he wasn't, so there aren't any guarantees. But I will be extra careful. Thanks so much for your reply.

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