Need Examples of Jobs for Australian Shepherds

by Kendra
(Branford, CT)

Everyone keeps saying that Aussies need a job but no one can seem to give me concrete examples of what those jobs could be - aside from herding sheep, of course! Any suggestions?

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I want some too!
by: Rob

Looking for some boredom busters myself!


One job my girl aussie loves (now that she is 13) is "go get the boys!" We lost her brother 1 1/2 years ago and we were all so sad that we got 2 puppies ( a year and a half now and bigger than her)soon after. These are her boys. She will hunt the house and then go outside to find them. It is so cute when back she comes with her brothers behind. She also loves scarves and wants a new one every day. She holds her head high when we put one on and tell her how pretty she is. Out she goes with the boys behind. They all like "get your toys" They'll race around getting things and putting them in their basket. The vet said that when you give them something to carry or put something on them and then do something with them they think its their job. One of our boys loves to carry one of those stuffingless animals around. He grabs it now just about every time we go outside or goes back to get it. I have arthritis and they all think I'm their job too. They keep stopping and looking over their shoulders to make sure I'm ok until I sit. Then they fetch all kinds of things for me. We have jars full of rocks they have brought and if I try to put any outside they bring them back. I know they are theirs because they started this when they were young pups and I wrote their initials on each as they brought it with a permanent marker. M for McGee and G for Gibbs I still do. If they think you want them to do it, it becomes their job.

by: Anonymous

Our Aussie goes down the drive way every morning to fetch our paper, rain and snow or nice weather doesn't matter to him.

by: Anonymous

I too hear the same thing but not much about specific jobs recommended or suggested. Jobs, what jobs?

2 jobs
by: Kendra

Well. Since my question\post many many months ago, she has 2 jobs: 1 is in conjunction with my daily exercise, lapping the same street\hills, round and round about 6 times and 2 is closing the cabinets and drawers. But here's the thing…she DOES NOT LIKE THESE JOBS! She actually seems to get annoyed! It appears my Aussie is like a human - would rather NOT WORK but will if she has to!

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