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Need Guidance About Switching From Australian Shepherd To Mini Aussie As We May Be Moving To A Smaller Property

(Seattle area)

First: I've been lucky to have known 3 Australian Shepherds as my "partners" over the last 30 years. My current Aussie--my BEST Aussie, is 13 and is declining rapidly into heart failure. I wish she had 2-3 more years but the Vet noted a "crazy heartbeat" in her as a puppy, so I am happy to have had her for a great 13 years.

My wife and I will have another dog, (likely two dogs, we think they are happier in pairs). The thing is we are both in our mid-60s. Kids are gone and we are considering a move from our current home (lake front for swimming and a park behind for frisbees), to a smaller place, maybe even a condo in D/T Seattle.

I know what it takes to own an Aussie; a happy Aussie and I am worried we might not be able to give 2 full sized Aussies what they need for activity. My wife is pushing for a Mini-Aussie, when she gets over the loss of the current dog.

My question: are Mini Aussies, the product of breeding for size among Aussies or are they another kind of dog entirely? For me the ABSOLUTE BEST thing about my Aussies has been the sense of "partnership" I've had with them. I may have been the "senior partner" but I always felt like the dogs thought for themselves in executing the things I wanted them to do, (even if it was just waiting their turn to catch a frisbee).

I don't want a dog that looks like a smaller Aussie, but has the mind/temperament of a Chihuahua, Jack Russell, or Pom (no offense to either breed).

Does anyone here have experience with Mini-Aussies and some time to offer some guidance here?


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Miniature American shepherd
by: Anonymous

There is no Mini Aussie. The little dogs you see were produced by breeding small dog breeds to Australian Shepherds. So you may get traits from any or all of the breeds in the pup's ancestry.

Mini aussies
by: Anonymous

The previous comments are not factual. I raise mini aussies and they are the offspring of smaller runt standard Aussies. All of mine are registered with long pedigrees of registered Aussie ancestors, aussies ancestors and no other smaller breed in the mix. Please don’t respond if you don’t know what you’re talking about in regards to miniature Australian shepherds.

The mini aussie is an Australian Shepherd with all of the same characteristics and behaviors of the standard sized Aussies. They do make better pets for all because they are smaller than the standards because their smaller size makes it much easier to manage them in and out of the house. They are remarkably smart and have an unbelievable desire to please, obey, and watch over their humans. I love mine and would never want to replace them with any other breed.

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