Need Help Naming My 'To-Be' Female Australian Shepherd Puppy!

by Emily Cwik
(Bailey, Colorado, United States)

I'm going to be getting my blue merle female Aussie on July 5th. She was born June 3rd. Gorgeous puppy!! BUT, I am frustrated because I can't decide on any name for her, and I have looked everywhere on the internet. Wasn't happy with any of the names. I want to find the perfect name for her. Please share ideas, and tell me about your Aussie's names!!

Thanks a bunch,


Note from Anton: There is a list of puppy names you can check out here. (If you haven't already.)

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names for pup
by: nancy

Just concerned about time frame of weaning. Sounds like you are getting pup at about 4 weeks. ASPCA suggest starting to slowly wean off the mom at that by 7 or 8 weeks ending weaning. Look under pet care at Just want your pup off to the right start 😊

Naming Puppy
by: Tom

Why not just call her Miss Blue

I have two:

Max aka Maxman - Male

Gabby aka Gabby Girl - Female

Aussie Names
by: Nancy

It's not hard to name an Aussie. Any nice name will do. They are wonderful dogs and very smart. I am sure no matter which one you pick, she will love it. Some nice ones are: Angel, Lady, Rizz, Wiggle Butt, Peanut, Zoe, Gypsy and Pippi Good Luck!!

by: Anonymous

Why dont you wait until you have had your pup for a while before naming him? That way you will get to know him a little. He just might name himself!

Reply to Nancy :)
by: Emily

My pup will be a young 6 weeks when i get her. The breeder said that after 6 weeks, the mother dog is worn down, and wants nothing to do with the pup's after that point :) Thanks for the cute name ideas!

by: Emily

Oh my gosh, sorry guys!! I messed up, i meant to say that she was born on June 3rd, and i will be getting her on July 18th!! Again, so sorry for the mess up...

Young puppy
by: Carol

Emily, I wish you luck with your new baby, but I have to say I agree with Nancy. It is not about the Mom but what your puppy will learn from her litter mates. I too years ago got a puppy less than 8 weeks and it did make a difference, no concept for when playing is too much, its litter mates will naturally teach each other.

Again I wish you good luck.

What name did you decide on?

Puppys name is...
by: Emily

She is SO CUTE! I got her on July 17, she was 6 weeks when i went to get her. Her name is Zayleigh (pronounced Zay-lee) :) Thank you for all your comments!!


by: Eli

Name it Comet

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