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Need Help on Whether to Choose This Australian Shepherd Pup

by BV

I've put a deposit down on this pup, but I'm getting a little concerned as she's developing and something doesn't look right about her face.

My hope is that she'll grow into a beautiful adult, but can someone tell me if something is off or maybe I am just being paranoid? Her siblings faces all look different from hers.

I don't have enough experience with Australian Shepherd puppies faces changing. Hope I'm not being offensive.

Comments for Need Help on Whether to Choose This Australian Shepherd Pup

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Get the pup!
by: Anonymous

I think it’s the color around her eyes and the blue eyes throwing it off... she is beautiful!

Be thorough when vetting breeders...
by: Anonymous

We were heartbroken when our Aussie mix rescue dog unexpectedly died 2 years ago from cancer. We couldn't find a similar dog on PetFinder, so we explored another breeder site and made a commitment for an Aussie pup. In retrospect - we made a decision too soon. We should have explored her home, met the breeders and better understood their handling/care/training. She came from an Amish family who while kind in our interactions, likely misrepresented themselves and their breeding program. I think it was also too good to be rue price wise - we paid $400.

We now think of her as a rescue pup - we guess she was overbred, was not socialized at an early age, and due to poor breeding developed collie eye in both and prick ears (not standard to breed.) She is very fearful of many things and we are investing a lot into curbing behavior that was ingrained at a young age (due to abuse). We love this dog dearly now, but suggest doing due diligence.

Looks to be a beautiful dog - but it's not the looks that are a concern down the line (unless you plan to show it) as one can easily form an attachment to all - the behavior is much more of an issue to probe into the contributing factors (such as environment) when making a decision about adopting an animal IMO.

by: Anonymous

Re: earlier post.

We were worried about Collie eye as they are noticeably different than a normal eye - but our dog can see excellent, so has been just a cosmetic issue thankfully. Prick ears too. Just gives her some extra character :-)

Thank you!
by: BV

Thank you all for your helpful comments. I actually received a lot more photos of her yesterday from different angles and she is stunning! And yes, the breeder is reliable.
Thanks again!

Questions to consider
by: Anonymous

Has the pup's parents been health tested? All the tests, hips, elbows, eyes, MDR and other tests? Does he come with a health guarantee? Have you visited his home and seen the parents? What is their policy about not taking the pup? Will you get to apply your deposit on another puppy another time or can you get the deposit back?

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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