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Need Help With My Dog's Whining

by Roberta

I need to find out how to stop the whining problem. My toy Aussie has two issues if I could take care of or figure out what to do would be excellent. He is the sweetest dog except for a couple of things.

One is his whining. If he just whined once in a while it would be fine. However, he has gotten in the habit of whining at midnight and around 5 in the morning.

I thought it was to go potty, but I think he just wants to go outside. However, I get no sleep. So any suggestions on how to stop this would be great. I got the book, but don't see anything in there yet about something like this. However, I just got the book.

So please, any suggestions on what to do?

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Let him whine
by: Anonymous

I have a 13-month-old Toy Aussie that whines sometimes too. However, if she whines, then I know she wants a treat or really needs to go potty.

I would put him in a crate to sleep in at night away from me where I couldn’t hear the whining. I would take him to potty right before I went to bed and then when I got up. He has learned he can get his way and go outside if he whines. You have given into him getting his way, but you’re onto him now. I did the same thing with my whiner, but I had to let her "unlearn " the bad behavior she taught herself. You will probably have a couple of rough nights, but you’re going to have to stop this so you can sleep too. Good luck and God bless.

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