Need Safe (Longer Lasting) Chew Treat Suggestions!

by Mel
(Ottawa, Canada)

Boomer with his little friend

Boomer with his little friend

Hello, my husband and I have gotten our first larger-sized dog. Boomer is a 4 month old blue-merle Australian Shepherd and he LOVES food and treats. Because he is teething and already seems to love to chew on everything, we are trying to find safe, cost-efficient chew treats for him.

We are staying away from rawhide for obvious reasons, but found he was going through bully sticks too quickly and frankly we were beginning to worry they may pose a choking hazard as he would end up swallowing them hole after only a few minutes of chewing.. We freeze some natural plain yogurt, orangic peanut butter and other dog-safe foods in kongs for him, but even that will only last a minute or two.

Our pet store has recommended us beef knuckle bones and antlers, but I'm a little wary to give these to Boomer. They are hard, and I worry he may break (another) tooth. I guess my main questions are, are these safe? Has anyone else given these to their Aussie? And also, what types of treats are you giving your pups? I would love some suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

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chew treats, dog bones
by: Tom

I have a Mini Aussie, she's a blue, and a full size Aussie he is a red, and I have a Sheltie/shepherd mix. I give them beef knuckle bones, pigs snout, deer bones, but never give mine pork bones it tends to mess with their digestive system. I also get busy bones, they love them they usually last 20 minutes but it's good for their teeth and gums. They also get breath busters by Pedigree it helps keep the bad breath away.

by: Gayle

Kongs frozen with peanut butter, canned food or other treats are the best.

Chew Toy
by: Kerry

We have a 9 month old mini Aussie and since he was 12 weeks old we have given him a deer antler. He LOVES it, and carries it everywhere. The antler doesn't splinter nor discolor the furniture or carpet. You just have to be careful when he runs through the house or jumps on the couch with it. :)

Chew Treat
by: Lori

We have been giving our Aussie dried pigs ears and cow hoofs.
The ears don't last too long but they occupy him for an hour or so.
The hoofs hold up really well, he has been working on one for about 2 months now (and they only cost $1.20 each!).
That being said, his favourite thing to chew is the bully stick, I do find that some kinds do last longer than others.

Best toys for heavy chewers
by: MyAussiePatch

My 2 year old, male Aussie is a BIG chewer. I cannot buy nylabones or any "plastic" chew toys as they last only a few days. I found the following to be the best toys for him so far.

Chews that last for about 1 week or so:
Large Retriever Rolls (made in USA only)

Chews that last for over a month:
100% Natural Elk Antlers size L or XXL
Frozen Kongs (the heavy duty black color kind)

Outdoor Toys that last longer than a month:
Jolly Ball 8 in with rope attached (he ADORES this toy)
30 in or bigger jolly ball

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