Nervous About Post-Spaying Care

by Ashley

Zona the Aussie

Zona the Aussie

Hi there! My Australian Shepherd, Zona (named after my home state Arizona!), is getting spayed this week. We love our vet and have had nothing but great experiences with him; however, I am just so concerned how she will act recovering from surgery.

Zona is SO full of energy, hyper, and active. She jumps on and off the bed and couch and runs up and down the stairs and in the yard all day everyday. She also is not crate trained--she was never destructive of anything in the home and has free reign (Little angel, I know!). However, I know this can not be the case for post-surgery. I will obviously have to crate her and force rest. When we have crated her, whenever she is let out, she goes crazy though as if she just has oodles of pent up energy.

I am just looking for tips of how to manage her energy post-surgery and for others' experiences. Also, I know my vet will give me a time frame, but how long did you restrict activity for your Aussie?

Thanks so much!

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Zona and spaying
by: Anonymous

Your Zona sounds a lot like our red merle Aussie that was spayed at 6 months of age. While she was crate trained, she had graduated from the crate by that time. We had a fenced in acre of land, but did not allow her yard freedom for seven days post-op. We walked her on leash several times a day and restricted her running and jumping by giving her lots of chew toy activity and affection in the house. She suffered no ill effects post op. Your vet will give you post op instructions as to the length if time and how Zona should be restricted. Follow them and Zona will be fine.

Bumps at incision site
by: Aaron

I was very worried about my Aussie's post-spaying, but she took it well and recovered quickly.

I kept my girl inside for the first two days, but she slept for the first day. When I brought her home, I originally put her in the crate, but she just whined and whined. So I took her out, and she just slept next to me on the floor while I watched TV. I figured, if she's not moving and just sleeping next to me, she'll be fine.

One thing to watch for is some bumps that appear at the incision site. Usually this is normal scaring tissue, so please do not get worried. As long as there is no discharge or discoloration, it should be normal. I was very concerned when this happened to my pup, but it turned out to be a normal post-surgery reaction.

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