Neutering Mini Aussie Pup

by Becca P

I have a Miniature Australian Shepherd who is now 5 months and 1 week old. When I first purchased him from the breeder she made me aware that the vet could not find his testicles at his first visit, but that as he got older they most likely would appear. However, months later the vet can still not find them! I definitely would like to get him neutered.. But I was told that if his testicles have not dropped then it would be a more invasive procedure and more painful or possibly harmful for my little guy. So, how long should I wait it out to see if they'll appear before I just go ahead and do the invasive procedure?

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by: Tom

I was always told 6 mos to a year old was when we did that.

by: Anonymous

You should wait. Dogs should not be neutered or spayed until after they have reached full maturity at a year or more. Many recent studies have shown that cancer rates and abnormal bone growth are much more common in dogs that are spayed or neutered before a year of age.

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