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New Addition To Our Aussie Family

by Suzan
(Athol, MA)

This is Ace. Our newest addition to our family. My husband first saw him at a rescue group website. He was being passed up because he was deaf. This broke my husband's heart and adopted him. He called me and told me that he adopted him and I was thrilled. He is so handsome! This will be our 2nd deaf Aussie. Welcome home Ace. We love you!

Comments for New Addition To Our Aussie Family

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by: Anonymous

It is wonderful that you have adopted a special needs pup! I am sure you will be blessed with this addition to your family. Ace is sure handsome!

My aussie family
by: Suzan

Our first experience with a deaf aussie was when we found our Penny. She was abandoned and we rescued her. She was our first experience with a deaf dog. She is the most loving girl ever. I thought it was going to be hard to teach her commands but she "Wowed" me. She opened my eyes to a whole new world and now Ace is doing the same thing with the help of my 3 other aussies. He is so amazing learning his signals. Since he's been with us, we realized that no one really played with him. He's learning what play is and how fun it is. I am starting to get him used to some the the agility equipment. We will see how he does. :)

by: Marcia

On your deaf Aussie!
I have had my deaf Aussie since she was 5 months old. I teach her with sign. She can do everything. At age 11 she got her UKC Rally Novice title. In December she was diagnosed with a tumor on her lung. Had surgery and 6 months later is doing fine! She is my miracle dog!

Our Aussie Family
by: Suzan

Our girls love their brother. Ace is adjusting well and is so happy to have 3 playmates. The girls are helping Ace learn new tricks and to check in with us on our off leash hikes. :-)

Handsome Boy
by: Todd

Ace sure is a handsome boy. And it so wonderful that you're giving him a loving home.

Good for you!
by: Marcia

Good for you to have adopted deaf Aussies. I also have a deaf girl, Marlee. She is deaf due to an infection and high fever. I found her at 5 months with a rescue group. She is now 11 years old. I taught her with sign and she can do everything. This past November she earned her UKC Rally Title. She also survived cancer surgery this past December. She is an awesome Aussie! Good for us!
Marcia and Marlee

Right choice!
by: Anonymous

Ace is ever so sweet, you did the right thing by adopting him. We have two Aussies that we love, one 7yrs. & one 1.4yrs. I would never get any other breed. Enjoy him.

by: Millie

You are soo special to do that! You will be blessed as much as Ace. Thank you so much for sharing this. I love aussies, have my second one now.

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