New Aussie In The House

by Sarah

A few months ago, my boyfriend and I rescued an Australian Shepherd. We had one Australian Shepherd before adopting this new one. We rescued the new Aussie from a local rescue group after meeting with the foster family and doing a meet and greet with the foster family. Both my dogs are around two years of age and are females (spayed). I know that when you bring a new dog into the family, you should try to find a dog that is as much as an opposite as the original dog, but that's just not the way things worked out for us.

Things were going great for about two weeks, and then they began fighting. We began working with them and the fighting ended. However, over the past week, the fighting has begun once again. We have been able to determine that our original dog is starting the fights the majority of the time. Most of the time, they fight when one is getting more attention than the other. They do not fight when they are being fed or when one has a toy the other one wants. Truthfully, as much as we can tell, they fight when they are jealous of attention.

We are trying as much as we can to prevent them from fighting (squirt bottle, yelling to startle them, even a shock collar). We are at our wits' ends trying to make this pack work. However, I would like some advice on what else we can try to make this work, or when to give up and return our second Aussie to the organization we rescued her from.

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by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

I know this is going to be hard, but you need to give most of the attention to your 1st dog. You might also want to contact a behaviorist to help you with your specific problem. It's difficult to handle without really seeing the dogs. I live in the Chicago area and you can email me at for more information. I can help you or find someone else to help you.

aussie fighting
by: diana

I brought an aussie home 8 wks. Now he's a year old and neutered. He starts fights with my 7 yr old border collie and they are bloody fights. Have tried several methods to no avail. Help

How did you work it out?
by: Jim - CT

Illinois Sarah -

My two aussies are fighting too. Nasty, bloody, go to the vet type fights.

We don't see what the cause is, but it sounds similar to your attention fighting. They are 2 and 4 and have been together for 2 years. In that time, we have had 3 really bad fights.

Part of me thinks its part of establishing (or reestablishing) the pecking order. But after 2 years, you would have thought that would be complete by now. 4 bites 2 though 2 is still a pain to 4 even though she knows 4 is top dog

Sarah - what did you end up doing? Has your problem resolved itself?

i really don't want to get rid of one, but it also doesn't seem fair to keep them together if they are not comfortable.

Thoughts? Advice? What did you do?

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