New Aussie Puppy Owner Questions

by Lyndsey

I bought my first dog yesterday, an Australian Shepherd. She has been sleeping A LOT. The woman I bought her from said she is almost two months old. When we brought her home, she ate her food but didn't drink any water. This morning she was constipated and having trouble pooping. We gave her a little milk and she lapped it up quite enthusiastically. Since this morning, she has peed and pooped outside with no problem however, she still will not drink any water. Is there something we can do? Should we take her to a bet? She also sleeps a lot, even while we are outside playing, is this normal?

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New puppy
by: Suzan

I would really take your puppy to the vet, this doesn't sound like normal puppy behavior. They should be very playful, curious, and getting into everything.

by: Anonymous

I had some issues with water and my aussie. I had to change different style of water bowls cause he got spooked . I give him water from bottle when we are walking he drinks no problem. Also I put a cup of water with his food he eats his soup very happy. try a different bowl . My dog likes plastic bowls he's afraid of aluminum bowl. Also if she like the milk (I don't think dog can drink milk) but give her a watery milk ...

by: kat rose

Not sure about the sleeping alot. I know with my Rascal there are times he doesn't drink much and times when he drinks alot and makes a mess with his water bowl. I would sujest when you are outside let him drink from the water hose. Mine loves to drink from the hose and also jump over the spray, can't keep him away from water. Also this way you are seeing how much he is drinking. Lots of luck to you, you picked the BEST breed.

re new puppy
by: Anonymous

Don't panic just yet. Moving to a new home is very stressful for any animal, espescially a puppy who has never done so before. Your little girl is going to sleep alot for the first few days. By day 3 you should start to see her puppy personality come out. Constipation is better than diarrhea. Make sure she knows where the water bowl is. It should be potty outside, then bring her in and show her the water bowl. Also, putting water in her food is a great idea. She will get the idea. If you find that nothing is working and she starts to get dehydrated (you can tell this by pulling on her skin, if it stays pinched up she is, if it lays flat she isn't) then it's time to worry and you should take her in. Hope this helps and good luck with your little one!

by: gayle--big run aussies

Puppies sleep A LOT! She is just a baby and needs her rest. In a few weeks you will be wondering why she doesn't just take a nap. My youngest, Bryn, started puppy class at 9 weeks and she would sleep during class with all the other puppies dancing around her. You should take her to the vet, though, for her puppy check up.

Thank you all
by: Lyndsey

Thank you all for your comments and advice!! I have taken her to the vet, we got her shots taken care of and made sure she was tested for Giarda (sp?) and Parvo. She tested negative for all and we have since put her on a heartworm, tick and flea pill.
You guys are correct. I guess I just didn't think about the fact that she would be shy/nervous about being in a new place. She is now running around with my son and playing. We did end up putting the water in her food bowl and now she drinks water and eats food separately. She does still nap a lot. about two hours up and two hours sleep. We are crate training now, which reminds me of when my son was a baby but we are sticking with it and she is doing very well. She already knows to go potty outside and she knows/understands the word "no". I am amazed at how well she listens and how wonderful this breed is. I couldn't have asked for a better pup. Thank you all again for putting my mind at ease.

by: Anonymous

Our 21 month Aussie/Border Collie mix will NOT drink from anything other then plastic bowls, he has a stainless bowl in the kitchen but will not use it, the plastic bowl is always empty. You might just change bowls and see what happens. Good luck you have alot of precious memory's ahead.

Puppy problems
by: Anonymous

Puppies tend to lose energy fast, make sure you feed him/her 5 times a day but 1 to 2 table spoons to keep her energy up. As her energy goes up she will play more and will drink water. If this doesn't work then I would go to the vet.

Help with Drinking
by: Taylor

Hey! My aussie girl turned a year old March 9. I live with two other girls who also have dogs who are both males So i know sometimes I have to stand beside Lilo while she’s drinking water just because she’s so submissive. she shares her water but never her food. I occasionally have to point at it and say "drink" just so I know she’s getting hydrated. It could possibly just be a breed thing. I also have the tendency to feed her whenever I’m also eating so sometimes she thinks she has to wait to drink when i’m drinking. I just think they are so eager to please that they look at you for direction constantly. At least mine does. But try just standing beside her or sitting with her and sticking your fingers in the water bowl to get her attention! that should do the trick. If not, i agree with everybody else on taking her to see a vet. The family could’ve accidentally let the puppies drink from the mom for too long and she may just not be accustomed to drinking water!

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