New Mini Having A Few Issues Adapting To New Home

by Dylan

Hi! I recently (one week) brought home a miniature Aussie named Red and I am now living with him in my parents house. Although he is very loyal to me and very smart, there are a few issues that I need help with right away. He is very very attached to me and that is nice, but I need him to open up to my parents and not have to be at my side 24/7.

This has led to a more immediate issue: last night I slept with my door open, and any time that my dad or my 2 year old black lab mastiff mix walked by the door, red growled at them. This has infuriated my dad and I need to fix this right away. But in the long term, I also need him to become less attached to only me, and get him to become part of the family. I'm willing to do whatever it takes, I just need to learn the correct training method.


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by: Anonymous

Now this has worked for me in the past and I suggest you try it. when you to play with him outside have your Dad get in on the play too. Also when you are inside you need to sit by your dad and have your dad give him treats. More or less what I'm saying is get your dad more involved.

Adjusting To New Home
by: Ontario, Canada

It does take time for animals to adjust to new surroundings as it does with human so Red is probably feeling pretty insecure right now as it has only been a week. When you take Red for a walk have the other family members join you and casually pass the leash off from yourself to another while you walk beside them. Another suggestion is to include family members in play with Red while you are with them, also have them feed Red and interact positively. Red sees you as alpha and needs your guidance is protecting you as well. When we rescued our Aussie and introduced her to my Border Collie and family it was a suggestion from a very experienced dog handler that we set up a 'den' for her so that she had a place of her own to go to when she felt insecure. Three years later and we still have this for her and have educated everybody that when she is there to leave her alone as that is her space. This is to be used positively and not as punishment. Socialization and good handling done properly will guide Red so set Red up for success and you will see the rewards. Totally worth the work and never underestimate formal training as Red is a smart dog, training is not only for red but also for us as well as we learn to be proper dog handlers. Keep us updated as you brought Red into your life and is your responsibility. Always set Red up for success, end training on a positive note and secure environment and you will see Red becoming the family member you envisioned.

Adapting Issues
by: Roy & Sheila Harvey

Bringing a new pet into a new environment takes patience and time. We have just recently adopted a mini Aussie. She is 3 years old. We have had her for about 5 months now. You might try walking your dog along with your father and the other dog. Have your father feed your new pet for a while. Give it time.
It may take 6 weeks or more before your new pet starts to feel comfortable with it's surroundings.
Your new pet can sense the feelings in the room. Tell your father to keep cool. These dogs respond to positive encouragement. Do not punish your pet for growling, just let him/her cool down.

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