New Pup Or Not

by Michele

I would love to get a new puppy for a buddy for my 2 year old Mini Aussie, the issue is, my Aussie is very territorial at the home, in the yard and in the car. She loves other animals, in fact she and the cat are best friends, she just doesn't care for anyone she doesn't know. So my question is should I get a puppy or not?

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new pup or not....YES!!
by: Michelle in Wisconsin

Hi, We decided to get another mini- Aussie when our 1st mini (Mia) was 1 1/2 years old. Mia was always very guarding with her toys/bones etc.. when another dog would try to play with or even sniff the toys/bones, she'd growl a little and take the toy. Mia has pretty much gotten over that now that she has her "sister", Jasmine. They play tug with whatever toy the can find, or even with a stick. It only took a few days for them to start becoming best buddies. Mia is an extremely active Aussie who wants to play almost 24/7, and now that we have Jasmine, Mia is so happy, and pooped-out by 8:30- 9:00pm instead of her typical 10:30/11pm. For us, getting another Aussie was the best thing for us, and Mia!! They are amazing, smart, and the best breed.

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