New Puppy Chews on Everything!!!



My new 8 week old puppy chews on everything!!!!! Its sooooo annoying! Is there a great toy that ACCTUALLY works? I got her everything a pup could want but she still prefers my chairs. PLEEEEAAAASSSEEEE help!!!

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Re: chewing
by: Anonymous

The best thing you can do is of course make sure she has appropriate things to chew on and LOTS of them. I prefer to use a Kong. I will put things like yogurt,some canned dog food with a little kibble,peanut butter, vitamains etc inside and freeze it. It will last your puppy hours. Hope this helps! PS VERY cute!

by: Gayle-- Big Run Aussies

Kongs are the best chewing toy ever invented! I stuff them with peanut butter, canned food mixed with dry or some people use canned pumpkin-- and then I freeze them. Great for puppy teething and keeping them busy!

by: Debbie

Please be patient. Your puppy is only a baby and just like a baby you have to teach them right and wrong. I have a female aussie who will be 10 months and she is the greatest dog that I have ever owned. This dog plays with tons a toys daily...she loves those toys with no stuffing, balls, ropes, busy bones...she throws them in the air and they keep her busy and dont forget kongs.....she eats any toy that is rubber so i dont get them anymore. Personally, my aussie only wants to please me in everything. I have never had to crate her and I can leave her alone in the house and she is as good as gold. Good luck with your new baby...

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