New Puppy Is Such A Picky Eater At 8 Weeks Old! Help!

by Monique

Hi everyone, I got my Aussie puppy yesterday, he is 8 weeks old and the breeder fed him Mighty Dog beef 3 times per day and left the kibble in a bowl out for the dog all day.

They gave me a bag of the kibble Royal Canin Mini Puppy Dry Dog Food they said they left down for the puppy all day but he is not eating it. He tears up the Mighty Dog canned food though without any problems but will not eat the kibble.

I honestly want to get him off of both eventually for something healthier and better but for his first week or two I wanted to continue to feed him what the breeder fed him.

He seems like a very picky eater because I tried to do some "Recall Training" just to get him to start to come to me when called but he doesn't like the treats either and they are pretty good. They are the Cloud Star Chewy Tricky Trainers in Cheddar. He sniffs them and I try to give him one in his mouth and he spits it out. He actually threw up after that to, I guess he really didn't like the taste. I got the liver flavor also but they haven't come yet.

I honestly don't think he touched the kibble when he was with them either. What can I do to get him to eat the kibble?

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Your Picky Eater
by: Anonymous


8 weeks is pretty young still. You could try getting the kibble wet and waiting until it softens. If you use warmer water the pup will smell the food better too and that may attract it to eat. If its too warm for your wrist its too warm to feed the pup, so let it cool if you do it that way, you don't want to burn her mouth. Dry it may be too hard for your pup to eat. Or you may try a canned food in the same brand if that's possible. I changed my dogs to Natural Balance, Venison and sweet potato. Slowly from what the breeder was feeding. Just start mixing in a new brand like 1/3 new brand to 2/3 old brand for a couple weeks. Then 1/2 and 1/2 and so on. You will be able to judge it by your pups stool. Its normal for a dog to have some "runs" or slight diarrhea when changing food. If it becomes severe back off and adjust it. Just don't let it get dehydrated which you can tell if you pull up on the back of the neck it should always bounce back quickly. If it doesn't and their cheeks seem sticky they need more water and you may want to have a vet check. Its tough getting them to the right diet but a relief when they are finally eating a good food that you know is good in nutrition. Hope this helps! : ) Nancy

Aussie owner
by: Shirley

He is new and getting used to a new home without his siblings...Feed him good kibble food moist with some warm water and maybe a teaspoon of some canned food.....3 times a day,,,if he doesn't eat within a reasonable amt. of time...pick up the food and try next feeding time. In time he will get hungery enough and eat...just do not let the food down all day. This may sound cruel...but he is busy learning all the new things in his new home.....and eating is not on his agenda right now.....don't panic...also hot dogs in small bites are a great snack.

Good Luck with your new pup...and patience!!

Picky Eater
by: Anonymous

My Aussie when she was a pup would not eat also. I fed her her kibble by hand one at a time for a while. She eventually started eating. Now at 5 she loves her food (good dry food). Don't give in to that nasty can food. She will eat when she is hungry.

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