New Puppy

by Karla Lewis

My daughter's new puppy is 16 weeks old and weighs 25 pounds; is this normal? What is the average weight of a full grown neutered male?

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Aussie's weight when full grown
by: Aussie owner

Sure don't mean this to sound snippy, but I sincerely hope you did some research on the Aussie breed before you chose him as your family companion. They are a unique breed in many many ways and it is imperative that you understand him in order to train and socialize him properly. I'm not saying they are difficult, just a little unique and it is imperative that you understand the signals he is giving you so you do all the right things best for all of you. Too many people don't understand the breed they choose, and in time the dog pays the price of ending up looking for another home because he's misunderstood.
I strongly urge you to speak to a reliable repuatable breeder and or READ as much material on Aussie's as you can get. They are extremely intelligent, have a strong herding instinct and love to learn & keep busy. Myself, I just love my 3yr old guy. He reads my emotions like a book & is at my side always. Aussie's like any breed vary in growth rate, maturity etc. You are in the perfct website to learn the answers to many of your questions. Please just do a little research and read.
Good luck with your guy!

New Puppy
by: Nonnie

Aussie Owner is correct. Aussies are unique, intelligent, loving, strong, stubborn and joy-bringing dogs. We have two and they are incredible!! Check out this site, get into some obedience classes and look forward to all the fun your little guy will bring to you and your family.

by: Sid

Hey 'Aussie owner': you not only sound snippy, but incredibly rude. The original poster only asked a simple question, and nothing in that question merited your diatribe. Get off your high horse. To OP, I have no idea how old this question is, but that weight sounds about average for her age.

Aussie Pup
by: Aussie Girl

Sid, you are correct. What a sanctimonious response from someone who doesn't have much information. I'm sure the responder surmised that the new pup owner didn't get her puppy from a reputable breeder because a reputable breeder would be available to answer questions. That may be true, but it's just plain "unhelpful" (I started to say something less charitable) to launch into an after-the-fact indictment instead of trying to be helpful. This woman cares enough to ask about the condition of her pup, after all.

The pup is not out of the usual range for weight, however your veterinarian can better tell you the condition of the pup, which is more important at this point than the genetic implications of size and weight.

Incidentally, as a former handler, I've seen the 'back side' of show breeders, and they aren't necessarily reputable just because they have the right gene pool. I don't think breeding should be done for any other reason than to improve the breed, and the show ring is an important 'testing' ground for any breeding program, but there is more to a breeder evaluation than that.

Good luck with your pup!

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