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Nipping and Biting

I have recently got an Aussie puppy named Cooper, he is wonderfully smart and full of fun. Although, I can't seem to prevent him from nipping and biting when he is playing and getting over excited. I've tried to ignore him when he does it, or stop playing or give him something else to chew/bite any tips as to what I am doing wrong or how I can stop him biting as much would be great.
NSW Australia

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Nipping and Biting Too
by: Viv

I have the same problem, and it seems my puppy does it when he gets excited or very happy. I have tried the same things to no avail. Would love to hear some other ideas.

by: McKenzie

Hmmm.... If you have any small cats, or young children this could be bad. Small animals may become scared and hide 24/7 besides when the dog is away. Plus they may get mad, and if you have any vicious cats (More then one) they may gang up on the dog. I have heard of this happening.

The problem of having young children during this nippy time is that they may grow a fear of dogs. The worst part is that when sheep don't obey sometimes any sheep herding dog may have to take a step further.

I would contact a trainer, and everyday if they nip, ignore them for a small amount of time. Otherwise then that, I really can't help you.
And good luck!

You can stop that
by: Ana

I had the same problem. What I did is that every time my dog bit me when she got excited, I immediately stopped the activity we were doing, graved my dog and placed her down in the grown and said a loud NO! When she got calmed, I will start the activity again and repeated the same thing over and over until she stopped. I guess the clue was patient.
Aussies are really smart dogs and they understand faster than we think.
So, be patient and firm with your dog. Believe me, when they stop you will have the best time in any activity! I hope this works for you.

Thank you Cooper
by: Anonymous

Thanks for your comments, the nipping/biting is not that bad and there is no maliciousness involved its just a playful mouthing not really biting at all. He does seem to be outgrowing it though.

by: Anonymous

8 yr old companion aussie- keeps elk herded from living area- no training- natural. never around kids.will bite if cornered or suddenly pounced on in sleep. recently met kids- on leash. nervous- however... been good with kids, long as no huge noise or sudden big movements. grandchild jimmies my door, got her in a corner- not good-babys follow- worse- she 'lipped' meaning scared s**t out of 2 on all fours w/o breaking skin, but scared them bad.seen this once- her daughters pups approached wanting to feed- she 'lipped' them, making them squeal but leaving no marks whatsoever-same things to toddler grandkids- fear, bit of slobber- no marks.(thank God)observing (as I tried to get there quick on this dam walker) I realized that to my aussie, anything on 4 legs is a potential nursing puppy- even humans, and she will 'lip' them as a way of saying the meantime, I installed a lock on my door because the older kids are way to mean to touch my dog and when the 8 year old attempted to smack her w/ an emty giftwrap cardboard while she was in that corner dam near got bit for real.I should have let her do it-you CANNOT abuse an aussie- like pet wolves, they remember forever

Aussiedoodle and Nipping
by: JM

We recently adopted an Aussiedoodle for my son at Christmas. We were her second home. She has been wonderful now that the housebreaking has been completed since her last home confused her. Now it's nipping. She learned real fast to stop nipping my hands and leg when she wanted my attention. I said no in a harsh tone and ignored her when it came to my leg. Then I figured out she wanted me to follow her when it was my hand (usually for food). Now that she has learned to nudge for attention with me she is still nipping at my children (10 & 5). She nips when they get in her face. She isn't harsh only enough as if she is kissing with a nip. We have been working on the children not getting in her face and telling her no when she does nip at them. She just turned 6 months and we've only had her a month and a half. I think she will get it because she is showing signs of wanting to obey. Anyone have any suggestions?

australian shepard puppy
by: Anonymous

Jumps on me while nipping me at same time breaking my skin. have run out of ways to stop her. 3 months old.

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