Nipping My Kids Ankles

by Rami
(Springfield, LA, US)

My 6 month old Aussie loves to chase my 12 years old down the hall way and nip her on the ankle.

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Nipping at Kids Ankles
by: Anne

The Breeder you got your aussie from did not tell you about the fact that Aussies are a herding breed and will try to "Herd" your kids?
You did not say if you want your aussie to stop.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

Aussies are nippers by nature:)
by: Anonymous

Aussies are bred to nip livestock. The herding instinct will show with anything moving (including children). This can be curbed with proper training. Some people find it annoying, and some understand that this is what they are bred to do. My aussie is 1.5 years old and nipping less than when she was a pup. We are stern with her, but it will always happen. They are mouthy by nature and not a dog for everyone, unless you have a proper understanding that this is what they do! You can always learn training tactics and make sure the dog gets a lot of off leash running opportunities..that will keep the dog calmer indoors and better behaved.

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