Non-Stop Barking In The Car

by Millie Springer
(Canoga Park, Ca)



Merlin came from a kennel. Was soo happy to get "home" approx. a year later he startd barking in the car. It can drive one nuts as they are loud! Anyone know what to do for this? He doesn't even hear me when I yell to stop. Really is no fun to take him in the car and I love him and want to take him with me as much a I can... need any input. Thanks!

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by: Anonymous

I am not very fond of the Red Merles - but your dog is so gorgeous!

Our Bailee is also a barker - not so much in the car, but if she thinks there is someone in our yard, or near our house, or at the door, hears a knock on TV, she goes nuts. We have started to use our "leave it" command more and more. They know that this means to stop what you are doing, or move away from that. If Bailee barks and I say leave it and she doesn't bark again, she gets a Starburst Jelly bean. I know that is not the best treat, but she loves them (like me) and it stops her.

If your boy already knows this command it will be easy to apply it to the barking in the car. You might want to start with very short trips - 5 minutes, treat if he stops barking the first time. Increase the time of the ride and keep treating.

Good Luck

don't yell
by: Anonymous

yelling never helps.makes it worst. they pick up on our frustrations, and lack or control. yes, a command , when followed by a treat is best. I understand, I love to take my boy everywhere, but he's not that socialized, and he gets so nervous and upset, he starts to shake, makes me unnerved, that he'll come down with something (like seizures, which my previous boy died from) so I don't take him out as much as I would like.


thanks you guys, am open to any other comments. he just to put his front two paws in the car and starts, maybe excited??

What Kind of Bark?
by: Anonymous

How exactly does he bark? Is it high pitched, and excited? Then, calm him down using treats and stroking his back. Talk in a low, soothing voice.
Does he bark loud, and alert, sometimes growling? he might be scared. Try same technique as above, but more treats.
Is it just nonstop yapping? He may be trying to get your attention, so don't give it to him. Ignore him. Turn away from him and don't look at him. AS SOON AS HE STOPS BARKING, turn to face him and give him a handful of treats and praise him. Good luck!
Gorgeous dog, by the way! I absolutely LOVE red merles and Red Tris (we have a Red Tri)

My aussie is still barking in car!

He barks as soon as he gets two front feet in car. LOUD barking and non stop! Makes me a reck and yelling doesn't help, he closes me out. I need help! Don't want to slap him as many have told me to. No fun to take him out. : (

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