NSDR Registry Question

by Lisa Rogers
(Louisville, Ky.)

Yes, I have a 5 month old female Aussie that I plan on spaying at 6 months. I haven't yet registered her with her NSDR papers yet. Can I still do this even though I'm going to have her spayed? Thanks, Lisa :)

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by: gayle--big run aussies

You can contact NSDR, but I am certain that they will let you register your girl after she is spayed. Some registries give a discount for spayed/neutered dogs.
Wow! NSDR goes way back to my 1st Aussie, Silberhorn's Sweet Martini, 24 years ago. My 11 yr old, Sera, is my last NSDR Aussie. No one uses them anymore. Sera is Tini's great granddaughter.

by: Nancy

If no one uses them anymore who do they use? I reg mine w/ them in June when we got our girl

Other Mini Registries
by: Anonymous

Most dual register with both NSDR and MASCA.
MASCA hosts shows that families can get out and have fun with their dogs. But NSDR is the original registry.

Fact checker
by: Anonymous

If know one uses them I better tell all 5 of my dogs. That is where they are all registered.

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