Obsession With Balls On TV

by Jean
(Dover Plains, NY)

My 5 year old Aussie, Tucker, has always loved to play ball but when he sees a ball on the TV, he completely loses control and turns into a different dog. We cannot watch any kind of sports without him going nuts and jumping up at the TV and barking. If there is a TV on a TV show with sports playing, he will see it. He could be up stairs sleeping and if we are flipping through the channels and he hears a game on, he will come flying down the stairs and jump at the TV.

When we try to keep him off the TV by making him back up or leave the room, he starts the Aussie scream and it seems as if he is in pain (could it be the sound?). We have tried every approach (did each for months at a time) and nothing seems to work. We have gotten him to ignore the TV after really working at it but the next day, he is right back were he started.

Tucker had other behavioral issues that we were able to over come but this one seems to be getting worse. People and trainers have said they have never seen anything like it before... HELP! Is there anyone who has a similar issue and some tips on how to let us watch a game every know and then? I could send a short video of him doing this if it would help.



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Obsession with balls on TV
by: Anonymous

Sounds like a prank post... very funny. Hope you can figure it out. I have no ideas except for a shock collar.

Obsession with balls on TV
by: Jean

Oh how I wish that was a prank post! My husband and I always say that Tucker has screw lose when he the ball obsession starts ^_^ Besides this issue, he is an a great dog!

Would love to hear some comments and recommendations about this. I do not believe in shock collars but did try a sound one and one with vibration...neither worked and actually think they made matters worse! Also tried a fog horn that worked for other things but not for this issue....think I lost hearing in my left ear!

Mine does it too
by: Mac

My mini does it as well. We have broken him from barking at cats dogs or fights on TV, now he makes this incredibly funny noise that sounds more like a cat, he mouths the bark, but the sound is completely weird, he still jumps though.

I'm not a hockey fan at all, but I was channel surfing and a hockey game was on, Oz lays in front of the tv and watches the puck going back and forth, jumping and making that odd sound when a goal is scored. I kid you not. We let him watch the playoffs, although we aren't quite sure which team he was routing for! I have never seen anything like it. He is a real boy this one.

The only thing I can suggest is diversion, have a toy or something else to distract the dog as needed. People have told me its impossible as dogs can't see TV, I beg to differ.

Our German Shepherd doesn't pay any attention to it, our Blue Merle has 1 and a half blue eyes, and half a green eye.

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