Occasionally Aggressive Puppy

by Becca

Luna (left) Sadie (right)

Luna (left) Sadie (right)

I have a 5 month old Aussie and a 2 year old Husky. They're great buddies and the Husky is extremely gentle with Sadie, the puppy. Sadie is clearly the dominant dog and will literally hang from Luna's (the Husky) neck, growl, bark and bite to get her to play with her. Sometimes Luna does try and play back and occasionally Sadie's already pretty aggressive play will turn into actual aggression, teeth snarling, eval puppy attack mode. We cannot even feed them in the same room!! Once Sadie turns into crazy eval dog we put her in "time out". As soon as she is let out of time out and see's Luna she starts to give a low warning growl for what appears to be no reason at all, so it's back to time out for Sadie.

It's like she has two different personalities. She loves all people, has never been aggressive towards us, loves and wants to play with Luna but out of nowhere will snap and turn in to this crazy ballistic eval dog *but only towards Luna! The strangest part is that she calms down substantially when we pull her off of Luna and start to pet and give attention to Luna but is exponentially more aggressive if we do not pay attention to Luna at all and are trying to calm Sadie down instead.

How do we stop this horrible behavior!?

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