Old Dog And New Dog Fighting

by Jim

She is awesome, and convinced us we needed another.

We love the dog, does everything right, smart, friendly, playful, etc...

We recently added a 4 month old merle pup and it has been a disaster!!!

Old dog is fighting, unhappy and sulks—no acceptance at all.

New dog... is new, and after getting head chewed off, probably wants to be friends instead of face the fights (they are bad).

But, I think the new dog is more A/B personality and existing dog more B/A... will they sort this out or kill each other? Or, do we need to get rid of new dog?


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Old Dog New Dog Fighting
by: jcrply

I cannot begin to advise you about this issue, except for one comment. Every dog is different and every situation is different, so read or listen to the advice that you receive with that in mind. Some ideas may work for you and some may not work at all, and you may or may not need to ask for a professional trainer's help. I'm just saying consider all options and methods before you decide what to do.

Old / New
by: Richard

We had the same problem with Zoey. When we got Ozzy she and him would get into it consistently and over about six weeks it slowed down. For a while we thought we were going to have a problem. Ozzy wants to be the Dom but Zoey does not give in. It's been three years and they get into it but more playful than anything and when Zoey backs down all is good. Ozzy outweighs Zoey by 20 lbs and he does bully her but we don't allow it so it breaks up quickly. Just keep working with them is all I can suggest. Zoey is now 6.

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