Older Aussie Behavior Changes

by Jayne
(Rhode Island)

My almost 11-year-old female Aussie has become increasingly fearful over the last couple of years. She is well-trained dog and she gets lots of attention and activity. She has become very fearful of loud noises, which didn't bother her when she was younger. Her fear of loud noises, anything from a car door slamming to a whistle blowing is prohibiting her from our usual long walks because the moment she hears a noise she refuses to budge any further. She has also stopped coming upstairs with our family in the evening and stays alone at night which she has never done in the past. I know as she ages it is more difficult to get up and down steps however I have observed her going up and down with little or no problems at other times during the day.
Any ideas what is going on with her?

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aussie smarts
by: Anonymous

sometimes we forget how an aussie thinks perhaps its physical check hearing shes not going upstairs perhaps because she feels a need to be guarding closer to the door

to anwer your question
by: Wilda

I have a 14 Year old dog, and her behavior changed somewhat also, I looked it up, and believe it or not they do change when they become seniors. Which makes sense to me now. Some have separation anxiety, and others become more sensative, or have problems with bathroom issues, etc.,
Is she walking ok, is she having trouble getting up? if so, that could explains the refusal to go up the stairs.(my 14 year is having trouble with that)or is something different upstairs?
If I were you, I would look up senior dogs behavior changes, and or tell your vet, and see what he/she says.(I would research on my own first). Hope this helps.

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