On/Off Mushy Stools

by Ann

I have a 5 month old Australian Shepherd that has eaten the same dog food the breeder used since we got her. She seems to have very soft stools. Sometimes she has one firm followed immediately by gurgling sounds and then soft liquid. Seems to come and go but is pretty consistent. Is this typical for puppies? I've heard puppies can be soft. She has had the fecal test and doesn't have worms.

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You can try what we did?
by: Anonymous

Our Auss had similar issues, the vet gave us a probiotic and another called diarsyl (for diarrhea) in a tube similar to caulking you would get in at Lowes. She loved it. It took a few prescriptions but it worked and now she poops just fine and A LOT! LOL! : )

Did they test for giardia?!
by: Katie

We had the same issue with our mini aussie. She had giardia, which is really common up here in Seattle. The test for it at our vet needed to be sent to a lab. It took a few rounds of treatment, (it's hard to prevent reinfestation) but Penny is doing better than ever. She's 11 months old today :)! It's a hassle to deal with the off and on soft stools, but it hasn't shown any real medical side effects yet. We try to give her a treat everyday that has a probiotic in it. Also really limit the diversity of treats!!

Good luck!

Same Thing Happening to my Aussie!
by: Diana

I have a Mini Aussie 9 weeks old and I thought it might be her food, She is doing the same thing 3 times a day. She doesn't have any worms the Vet said.
I was thinking it might be her food being to rich, she is on Blue Buffalo Puppy Food.
What do you think ?

On/off Mushy stools
by: Ann

Checked with the vet and they said it's very common in young pups as their systems are not fully developed and EVERYTHING goes in their mouths. I have started giving a probiotic once or twice a week but have noticed that as the vet said the older she gets the better it is getting. I also stopped giving store bought treats. Just her normal food and boiled chicken breast cut up small for special treats. She is now 4.5 months and much better.

Mushy stool
by: Diana

I went to the Vet and he put my 9 wk. old on a
pro-biotic and she is doing better after only having taken 2 capsules I have 2 weeks of them ,
She is still eating, drinking and playing well, I was just worried about dehydration if she keep that up.

Same with my 11 month old Aussie
by: Anonymous

My Aussie pup has been going through the same issues ever since we had her. The breeder used to feed her Pedigree dry puppy food for the first 3 months and then we transitioned her to Lotus dry puppy food. Her stools regularly come out with 1-2 firm pieces and then a sludge-like consistency to finish off. I always figured she will eventually acclimate to the food. I see a lot of people commenting about probiotics so I’ll have to ask my vet about them.

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