Our Aussie Is Peeing On Our Guest Beds!

by Gabby
(Pittsburgh, PA)

We have an Australian Shepherd mix from the Humane Society. He was about six years old when we got him and is now about nine. He seems to have a dominant personality because he does not really like other male dogs and he marks his territory constantly everywhere we go. Our biggest and most confusing problem we have had with him is that he pees on our guest beds. After a guest stays over, if we leave the air mattress out for longer than a day or two we find he has peed on it.

Most recently, he has peed three times on our brand new futon which my brother slept on once during a weekend visit. This pattern seems to be with guest beds only, because he does not pee anywhere else in our house. He is very well housebroken! We have now gated off our basement (where our futon is), but twice we have accidentally forgotten to close it and later found pee! I've been cleaning the futon with Nature's Miracle which is supposed to prevent resoiling, but that doesn't stop him. What should we do?

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Peeing on bed
by: Anne

He is peeing as a dominance behavior to let the guests know that this is his territory.
You can spray the bed with "Bitter Apple" or
there is a spray specifically to keep animals off of furniture

Good Luck

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

It’s happening to us too!!
by: Anonymous


Did you figure out how to stop the behavior? We are having the same issue. Our Aussie urinates only when she’s home alone and on all beds except ours. There is been a significant change with kids moving in but how do we get her to stop?
She’s an amazing dog and house trained so this it completely out of character for her.
Any help will be appreciated.


Female Aussie urinating on bed
by: Mr. Ferguson

I've got a problem too! No guests. I have a 7-8-month-old female Aussie that is very well trained and knows, "where to do her business." I will lay in bed after work and dinner when she has had ample time to be outside for a few hours. Once she hops on the bed, assuming she wants to join for bedtime, she will urinate at the foot of the mattress while I’m laying there!! She will be in the house by herself while I’m working for 8-12 hours a day, and not a mess or anything out of place, only this new problem! This has happened about 4 times. Am I the only one? And how do I stop such behavior?! Or is there something she is trying to tell me?

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