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Our Awesome Aussie "Amber"

by Rhonda Andrews
(Westminster Maryland)

Sweet Amber

Sweet Amber

We adopted Amber two years ago from the Baltimore Humane Society. She was brought in from two kill shelters in another state with about 65 other dogs and puppies to be given a third chance with a forever home. As a subscriber to their newsletter I saw Ambers photo and was immediately drawn to her, I have always loved the breed and knew this was a great opportunity to give her a great home and as long as she and our other two dogs, Summer ( Golden Ret mix) and Buddy (Sheltie mix) got along.

Unfortunately, after our visit which went extremely well we were told another family already had an application in to adopt her. We felt an immediate bond with her and as we had to leave her, our hearts feeling sad and heavy she sat with her head hanging very low in her cage, you could just feel she was sad too. We kept telling ourselves as long as she goes to a good family that's all we were wanting for her.

Several days went by and I had received a message on my phone saying "The other family never came to get "Amber" and if you still want her you can come get her". We were so happy, we grabbed our other two dogs jumped into the car and off we went to adopt our new baby.

It was a long first year with Amber having trust issues with almost anybody and everybody. She was always nervous and piddled on the floor if you even looked at her. I continued to work with her and quickly found out she was extremely intelligent as Aussies are. :) She started to come out of her shell trusting us a little more each day and quickly learned all her basic commands and much more.

She enjoys walks, her agility course, interactive doggie puzzle games and has a huge love for the lazer. She is the protector of our house and family, we love her very much and can't imagine life without her!

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by: Kym

Unfortunatly, too many of these good dogs end up in shelters because they haven't researched the breed and they end up being too much for the 'average' dog owner.
I am happy that 'Amber' has been given a home that she deserves, where she is loved and treated as family. She looks very sweet.
Thank you for sharing.

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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