Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care
Guide To Australian Shepherd Training and Care

Our Beloved Maddie

by Stephanie
(Colwich, KS, USA)

*~.Our Beloved Maddie.~*

*~.Our Beloved Maddie.~*

*Gone But Not Forgotten*

There’s a hole in my heart
Where MADDIE used to be.
No words of condolence
Or kind sympathies
Can quiet the storm
That I feel at my core
Knowing dear MADDIE
Won’t be here anymore.
Friends say they’re sorry
Intentions are true.
They can’t understand
What I’m going through;
Grief’s my companion
Since I’m without you
My soul’s filled with sorrow
I walk around blue.
But there’s comfort in knowing
My beloved pet waits.
She’s crossed Rainbow Bridge
And entered the gate
Where all of God’s creatures
Who’ve passed from the Earth
Are happy and healthy
A blessed rebirth.
So I thank you my MADDIE
For friendship so true
When others deserted
I could count on you
I’ll carry your memory
Forever inside
And patiently wait
‘Til you’re back by my side.
In Loving Memory of MADDIE
July 1997-August 2009

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