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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

Our Boy Dusty

by Robin Palmer
(Petaluma, CA)



We adopted Dusty two weeks ago from NorCal Aussies. They think he's 8 or 9 years old. He follows me everywhere during the day. We love him. He is my baby boy. We are working on some training together and will start classes next week. He is so handsome. I wonder what his life was like before we adopted him and feel sad sometimes, but then I realize he is part of our family now and we want to give him a good life, as he is giving to us.

Comments for Our Boy Dusty

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We are dustys old onwers
by: Corinne

Hi I'm dustys old onwers daughter you talked to my mom and dad talked over the phone. so glad you are happy with him I know how great he is and how loving. Has he ever put his head in your lap? That means he really loves you.

Ps: Kim The assuie lady told me to look for him online. :)

Our Dusty!
by: Kim Kuenlen

I'm happy he's being loved and getting the training he deserves! He's a little headstrong (like many Aussies who have come through our doors!) but so loving!
Thank you for loving him so much!

NorCal Aussie Rescue, Inc.

by: Arlene Moore

You are absolutely one of the best type of people out there...the ones who not only rescue a dog but an older dog. He is gorgeous and looks like he's a very loving matter what his circumstances before you came into his life, he now has you to thank and to be with for the rest of it <3

Dusty's great family
by: Suzan

Dusty has found a great family!

by: Anonymous

Wishing and Dusty you many happy memories! He looks lovely.

Older Rescue :)
by: Bobbie

Way to go to be able to rescue an older aussie. I have been finding out that a lot of people's circumstances have changed due to the economy and such and they are having to give up their beloved pet that they raised from infancy. I am glad he is in a good home with lots of loving. Kudos to you!

Beautiful Boy
by: Kathy

Your Dusty is gorgeous. Thank you for choosing rescue first, and for adopting an older dog - people like you are very special.

May you and Dusty have many happy years together - you are so lucky to have found each other!


by: Richard Bryant

You warmed my heart and got a tear... Jack crosses his paws like that as well... so cute.

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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