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Our Little Dixie

by Brooke
(Winston-Salem, NC)

Dixie (8 weeks)

Dixie (8 weeks)

Having my own dog to take care of and love was something I always wanted. I've been holding it off and waiting till I got out of college, but the passion just could not hold off when we drove past a sign that said "free puppies."

My love and I, had been driving down the road Saturday morning, on the way to get breakfast for us and her sister. While driving she had been talking about how this older lady had a litter of puppies that she was giving away for free. When we passed the sign, I just couldn't resist but call the number posted on the sign. Having my love call, I was handing the phone to talk to the older women. I had asked her if there was any puppies left from her litter and she had replied "yes, please come on by!"

Turning the car around we drove back and while pulling in the drive, the older lady was standing outside in the pouring rain waiting for us to arrive. She took us out back where she had been keeping the puppies. While we were walking back she decided the history of the puppies and showed us the parents, very beautiful country dogs. They were very well manner and was great with strangers. The older women opened the gate of nothing but mud and old trash. The three remaining puppies came running out, but only one came running tail wagging to me and my love. She was a very beautiful little girl and we both fell in love with her right then.

Picking her up, she was full of long beautiful hair but covered with nothing but mud and filth.
My love and I, had chosen the perfect little girl and we named her Dixie something that just stuck to her beautiful little puppy eyes. She is very spoiled and we love her to death, my love is buying her everything pink and lime green, two of both their favorite colors. I love them both very much and am glad that Dixie is continuing to grow and mature into a smart puppy, seeing from where she first started in nothing but mud and rain.

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by: Anonymous

Dixie picked you... how sad we couldn't rescue all... she has a loving wonderful home and cherish every moment with her! Hugs Ron and Kathie Isenberg

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Guide To Australian Shepherd Training & Care

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