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Our New Australian Shepherd/German Shepherd Puppy

by Chris Brown
(Shelbyville, KY)

Moonshine about 5 weeks old

Moonshine about 5 weeks old

We just recently got our newest puppy from some friends of ours. They have an Aussie named Sidney. A German Shepherd got in the backyard... and when a man loves a woman... puppies happen. Thankfully all the puppies were born healthy and had loving homes waiting for them.

Our little girl is named Moonshine. She is just like her mother.

Comments for Our New Australian Shepherd/German Shepherd Puppy

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Want and Need ❤
by: Fellow Shelbyville Kentuckian

Hello, my name is Kristin and I have been searching restlessly for this mix. Please if there are any other in the litter or if it happens again or if you know of any breeders, is there any way I could be contacted or get in contact with you? My little family would be ever so grateful!!!

Moonshine is so beautiful!! Best of wishes for her and you guys!!!

Response to Shiloh
by: Anonymous

In response to your request of phone number for owners of Jack’s mom and dad...I’m sorry to say I don’t have any information about them. He was purchased at a pet store in another time when that sort of thing was still done and he was the last pup of the litter. It was fate. I do see that mix online from time to time, especially on Craigslist and if I had to drive across country to find another dog like him I’d do it in a heartbeat. Best of luck on your search. We did adopt a Shetland Sheepdog cross about 1 month ago and although he’s a smaller dog he is a whole lot of fun.

German Aussie Puppy
by: Shiloh Flagg

Does your friends have anymore of these puppies for sale? I am not sure how old this post is? My German Aussie died this weekend, and Im heartbroken, he was the best dog ever. I need to find another one!
Please call me if you have any information for me to find one!

Best Dog EVER!
by: Kim

14 years ago I had the honor of adopting our dog Jack. He was the last pup left, the product of a GS Dad and AS Mom. With the exception of 2 vacation trips to Hawaii, he was my constant companion for every day of those 14 years. We’ve had a lot of mixed dogs but, never one this intelligent and connected to us. He herded our kids when he thought they were out of line, he would pick up almost anything you dropped, he would actually look for opportunities to help us, bringing is groceries (one can at a time), the mail, picking up toys with the kids when they didn’t want to do it. He was there when our son and daughter was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, giving support to us, his family. Two days ago, he passed very quietly and peacefully. He is irreplaceable. Best dog ever!

German/Aussie Shepherd
by: Angie

Hi all,

I am a college student about to graduate and a German/Aussie shepherd mix is my literal dream dog. If you know anyone who is breeding please let me know!


Looks just like mine
by: Anonymous

I have a half German shepherd, quarter aussie, 8th lab and 8th retriever mix and she looked exactly like this as a puppy. I wonder how they would compare now. She's coming on two

German Aussie shepherd mix
by: Sid

Barely Used pets in Urbana, Ohio has a few of these pups still available. It is a rescue. Ask for Jerreta

German Aussie mix
by: Karie

We recently had to say goodbye to our beloved pup. Searching high and low to find this breed again and fall in love all over. If anyone knows of any breeders please comment info for our family.

The perfect breed
by: Jamie

We had a German aussie named bandit. He recently went to doggy heaven and we miss him so much. He was beautiful like your puppy. The smartest dog, and so easy to train. He never ran off and was so loyal. We could have our front door open in a neighborhood with people walking by. He would just watch them and make sure we were safe. Everyone loved so much. He was one in a million!
Please hug your puppy everyday you are very blessed to have will have many great memories with your german aussie

by: Debbie

Congrats on your new the name too....You will love your aussie...they are so intelligent and willing to please....keep us updated with pictures as Moonshine grows.

by: Anonymous

she is too cute. curious about the name, what made you name her that? enjoy your beautiful little girl, those are two great breeds to mix.

Your Aussie Mix
by: Anne

Hopefully you did not get her at 5 weeks.
She is cute.

Anne Calmes
Gold Ring Aussies
Louisiana, USA

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