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Our Shelby Shells

by Ken And Karen
(Bensenville, Ill)

On July 22nd 2013, We lost my beautiful red merle Aussie, Shelby Shells (PUMA, BUNNY TAIL, SUPER GIRL) . It was an agonizing in the end as she had reoccurring seizures throughout her 9 years of loyalty to us. She had been with us since she was 8 weeks old. We miss her so much; our hearts literally aches for her.

We have 3 cats Kali, Sabrina
and Jasper and a dog Benjamin who is a rescued dog
but in our hearts but Shelby will always be the most special dog in our life, Since she was our first ever puppy. She loved all her other animal friends, she kissed them when we asked her, and they snuggled by her when she was resting. We taught her to roll over by hand signals, and catch a Frisbee and when Dad went to get the morning paper Shelby knew what it was picked it up and brought to me,
she even knew the answer of what’s 1 +1 !!

She was such a delight for everyone to see, with her short and stubby little tail. She always loved certain people as we made are daily walks in our neighborhood; she always knew who and what house certain people gave her treats and
who loved her , she always looked up their driveway. And if we let go of her leash she would go up to their driveway and if she had an opportunity to ring there doorbell I knew she would...

When it came to Mom or Dad chewing Ice out loud my ears went up and I looked at you, and you knew what I was thinking, “You better share some Ice with me” how could you refuse?
And when Grandma and Grandpa came over there was no way I would listen to the both of you , I was so happy to see them as I acted like a puppy towards them. Jumping up on them as I try to kiss them. I really enjoyed it when they came over once in a while to take care of me.

I wrote this letter followed by a poem, and I found that it helped me a lot.
Before this day came,
Just last week
mom gave me
a bath and my fur looked so fluffy
just like it did in the past, we gave you a dental not too long ago as we promised you that we would try keep your teeth sparkling clean.

You had a great day to start, we did our routine with you like every weekend morning you went potty for Dad, in the yard you ran back to him when you were done, still looking like that puppy running in the grass. We gave you your breakfast, after that you rested, as you usually watch Mom and Dad have their breakfast and Coffee, then sometimes dad would join you on the floor as he glanced over the Sunday Newspaper.

Then we all walked together Mom, Dad, Benji and you SHELBY, You were always looking forward to our walks, no matter how many times we tried you always walked like you were a young pup, always full of energy and always pulling ahead of us.

But as our plans for that day were to be with family during the afternoon for a few hours and that night the both of you went out for another concert that Dad won. We knew that you would be in good hands
and so did I as we had one of your favorite neighbors come over and give you your food and medicine, we thought that everything would be normal until...

We came home that night and saw lying there helpless in your kennel. Hoping with
Our care that you would come back to fight another day.
We tried everything to get you back from that seizure state, from calling your name, trying to give you your medicine and massaging you we even tried to give you medicine in water with a syringe as you fought so strongly you tried to swallow the medicine and water as we hoped it would make you better.

We called your name SHELBY...
and you brought your head up to look at us, you were so weak and your head went back down. You tried to fight this battle you knew we were there for you; you knew that we tried everything we could.

Sweet baby girl of ours
You fought a long battle and always came back to us,
But this time God had a different plan for you.
God knew that he wanted you, as he had to let you go from us.
The day was here...

He did not want you to have another seizure
It was so very clear

You didn’t want to say goodbye
The strength it came, from where is not clear
You didn’t want you to us cry
Please don't let our girl have any fear.

You tried so much fight it
We just wanted you to stay.
In our life, you gave me so much
I will never forget that day.

How do we go on without our Shelby Shells?
The most precious gift to us
You changed our life in so many ways
I hope you are safe and running free.

The sweetest pup that ever was
You were crazy as can be
You showed us how to have fun and play
You were meant for us.

The cutest puppy
You were always a pretty girl
But you grew up to be
The most beautiful dog in the world.
Don’t let your heart hold any tears
We were together for a short nine years
You will be sad I understand
Don’t let your grief then stay

As I look down on you and say please do not cry.

I am happy and pain free, I am with SHANA, SHASTA BRODY
SUNNY, SMOKEY, DUSTIN and SCAMPER. We are all happy
Running wild and free, knowing that one day that you will be here with us.
Thank you for being so loving, and caring I will miss your love that you
Gave me as I was on Earth with you, you taught me a lot, and loved me a lot.
I will always be there with you on each passing day, just think of me look up in the sky look at those fluffy clouds and think of all of us running, playing and snuggling together. Don’t forget to smile for us. We don’t want you to cry, think of us and smile.
As you know I am looking down on the both of you, we are all looking down at the both of you, and we just want to say...
Thank you for being the best parents a dog and cat can ever have...

We were blessed with the best parents a cat and dog could ever have. We love you and always will, One day we will all be together as one happy family.

Comments for Our Shelby Shells

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Jul 25, 2013
by: Clint

That was very nice. I lost my Blu awhile back.


Jul 26, 2013
by: Anonymous

Such a amazing tribute to your love! She had a wonderful family and they had a wonderful dog! Pure love.

Jul 26, 2013
our shelby shells
by: Heidi M

So beautiful. My heart hurts for you. We have yet another angel looking after us. My tears join yours. Our pets have given us so much and loved us always. May you find peace in them forever.

Aug 14, 2013
by: ken and karen

I just want send you a great thank you for all you support and comments.. The hardest thing of Shelby's death is that we were not home when it happened. If we were we would of been able to give her the medicine right away.

But I have to keep thinking to myself, dont think of the what if's could of's and all that other negative thoughts.

Man I still wake up every morning and when I come home from work saying out loud, I MISS YOU SHELBY!!! You were way to young.

Sep 10, 2013
we understand your loss
by: dave &cheryl

I wrote down your e mail, we will get back to you in a few has been a little to busy ,maby we can compare notes on seizur meds so others can help there pets .thanks dave

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