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Our Tegan - Only One Issue... Jumping And Nipping

by Angie M
(Urbana, MD)

Cool Tegan

Cool Tegan

This is our female red merle named Tegan (Irish for "good looking"). She is a wonderful addition to our family. As you can see in the picture, her favorite place to relax is over the air vent. She was born on May 8, 2010 and was about 8 weeks in this picture. She has caught on to the house training pretty well (haven't had an accident in about 2 weeks now) and is being crate trained. Only one issue, she jumps and nips hard enough to either break the skin or leave a bruise all over my legs, not to mention all of the shredded clothing. Any suggestions on how to break this habit? We've tried a spray bottle, standing like a tree, rolling her on her back, and holding her mouth shut (gently) while saying "no bite"... all to no avail. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!!

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Jumping and biting
by: Edythe

Our baby is Red Honey. She is 3 months old and jumps, bites and, as well, runs at you if you check her. I believe they have to be exercised till they are ready to drop so that the nasty habits have no time to appear. This is what I am working on, though the weather does not help at this time.

by: Anonymous

Very cute

jumping & nipping
by: Emily Flanigan

I have a 17 month old Blue Merel as well, his name is Harley. He use to jump on us & nip @ the same time. Yes we broke him. Mini Aussie are going to jump,(Harely jump from a stand still position about 4-5 feet up in the air! like right in my face!)They love to run,jump & all the attention they can get they are herders. I know this may sound ugly but first we only use 1 word for each command that we expect out of him. We broke him by doing the following thing's. When he would jump on us ( & usually we saw it coming)we said "aant" while raising our knee not hard but it would then be him jumping into our knee. Very quickly he didnt like that,so it stop. For the bite thing.I learned to have my hand ready & would always tap not hit his nose saying "aant". I used a flyswatter or paper when he was little. He now know's the word "aant" is a "no no". No matter what he does it is NOT allowed any longer! He even knows that if i tell him to go to his room, that is his kennel & he goes. They are very SMART dogs, like children they will learn as they go. Just remember we are the parent & they are the child. Good luck
Emily & Harley Flanigan

Same Issue
by: VAM

I just adopted an 8 month old Aussie from the rescue and she also jumps and nips the nose. I placed my hand in her mouth and gently squeezed her bottom jaw saying "no bite". It took about a week but now she just jumps up but without the bite. One thing at a time I guess.

Mine too
by: Anonymous

My male red merle did that all the time when he was young. Nothing I tried worked but he did grow out of it eventually.

Me too
by: Viv

Beautiful! I too have a blue merle who is a year old and still does this, although, not as much as he used to. So it is lessening, but yet still happening. I am also waiting to hear. I am assuming this is a trait for these little beauties.

Same problem
by: Anonymous

She is precious!!! We have a Blue Merle... 4 months old. She does the exact same thing. She would be a perfect dog other than that. I will be checking the comments for suggestions on this as well.

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