Over Portective

by Amanda
(Maple Valley, WA)

My Mini Aussie is loving and playful but sometimes seems unsure of strangers and he makes me nervous when guests come over because I don't think he would bite anyone but sometimes he seems very agitated.

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I can relate
by: Anonymous

my boy is the same way, it breaks my heart, wish I knew how to help him. They say socialization is the key, but I'm not able to take him out to places where there are many people often. I did meet his parents, and one of them was the same way, so maybe, in part, its genetic, but still... I know what you mean, and how you feel. best to you and your pup.

treats, treats, treats
by: Anonymous

Have your guests come in the house, have them ignore the aussie (no eye contact, no touch). Put your aussie on his/her leash and then when he/she starts to calm down and get curious about the guest, have the guest give treats for calm behavior. Still ignoring the dog, but giving treats until the dog submits. then rubbies and a walk with the guest outside will cement the positive experience with the guest.

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