Overcoming Bad Behavior During Grooming

by Joe and Kathy

My 7 month old male Aussie, runs away, or tries to bite anyone who tries to comb him with the pin brush, furminator, and even a hair brush. He will let us rub and pet him, 24 hrs a day, but when it comes to trying to groom him, he is very aggressive. Any tips!

Thank you

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Hates to be groomed
by: Anonymous

My male pup is the same, hates to be handled. Took almost a year of ignoring the squirming and towel grabbing to get him to let me calmly clean his feet after a walk! As for brushing, treats help a lot. Start with a soft human hairbrush, treats in one hand and a quick few strokes on his chest or back. Lots of praise, then leave it for another day. Small steps with these guys!

Go slowly
by: Dave and Molly

Our 4 yo male Aussie also doesn't care for the brush much. He never nips, but raises a fuss and gets hyper and won't sit still for it. How we manage is to just take things really slow. When he comes to one of us for contact we pet him for a while and then pull out the brush and very slowly stroke his hair with it, all the time give him praise for being such a good boy. After a little while (depending on his mood) he will have had enough and start to get hyper at which point we immediately stop for the time being. Then later in the day we may get a bit more brushing in before he has had enough and so forth. I would say it is more or less a continual process, but by not trying to get him brushed all over in one session and the fact that he knows when he has had enough he can end it at any time it seems to have relaxed him about it and he has slowly gotten a little more willing. Plus he absolutely loves the attention and this brushing thing is a sure fire way he knows he will get that.

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