Overweight Aussie

by Amanda
(State College, PA)

I have a male Australian Shepherd who currently weighs 76 pounds. I know a typical male Aussie is supposed to weigh between 50-65 pounds so I'm a bit concerned about his weight. He's on a high quality food (Innova) and we only feed him 2 cups of food a day. He gets VERY few treats and no table scraps. (The only human food he gets is lettuce (which he loves) and other fruits and vegetables.

He's relatively active and walks daily. On the weekends we typically take him hiking or he follows behind us on the mountain bikes. I'm not really sure what to do about this. I don't want to cut his food back too much for fear that he's not getting enough calories. Our vet doesn't seem too concerned since he's still relatively young (about 2 years old) and is physically in great condition otherwise. Anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions?

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overweight aussie
by: Anonymous

You should have a thyroid screening (blood test) done to see if he is has hypothyroidism. Hypo meaning overweight (hyper - meaning underweight).

Our Aussie
by: Anonymous

Our Aussie is also very over-weight. We have done everything. We had thyroid testing done, we put him on diet food, he was on thyroid medication, everything and nothing is working. No matter how much exercise. He maxed out at 96 lbs!!! Now he is 86. He is always between 80 and 86 now. He didn't out on weight until after he was fixed. The only reason we can think of, is some dogs metabolism really slows down after getting fixed. Any suggestions would be helpful. He is 4 now and we have had a 2 1/2 year struggle with his weight. he is very active.

overweight blue merle
by: Anonymous

I also have a 2 year old male, recently neutered, I'm scared for him because of his weight. He's a blue merle, and the ones that I have seen overweight are merles. do you think it's a gene? I also have a black tri that is 6 and neutered that is not overweight. Both dogs are very active and run all day. Help

Overweight Aussie
by: Tracey

I have two Aussies, a female blue merle and a copper coloured male. The male is extremely overweight and I don't know what to do. He will be 4 this year and didn't start the weight gain until he was fixed. He is very active but fluctuates at around 85 to 90 lbs. He has been on every mix of diet food, glutten free, thyroid meds and nothing works. The meds were making him lethargic instead of hyper. The best he got down to was 82 lbs. He is now having obvious signs of joint pain from his weight. The female is thin and most days eats both of their food! I don't know what else to do. Last summer the vet said he wouldn't make it through, but he did. He doesn't act sick or tired but climbing the stairs is hard for him now.

Same Here-Overweight Aussie
by: Kathy G

My Aussie has the same problems---tried Blue Wilderness Wight Management and she got bigger... Hills Science Diet, Iams, etc just switched to Orijen...had all the testing done..and she gets exercise... does anyone know the best food to try?

Oversized Aussie
by: Anonymous

We also have a male tri-colored aussie, 3 1/2 yrs old who weighs in between 89 and 91.5 lbs. He doesn't get much to eat (on Acana food), he only gets a treat once in a while, and no people food but he still doesn't lose weight.

2.5 year old male Merle overweight
by: Anonymous

Since our puppy was 9 weeks old, he has been very active - walk 3-5k/day in winter and 10-12k/day summer (I'm a teacher with summers off). He's outside playing in the yard 2+ hours a day all year round. He eats 1cup at breakfast & another at dinner of weight controlled food. He gets a carrot chunk, ice, or half of a small dentastick for treats. He must sneak food when we're not home. He's supposedly pure bred, but he's super tall, weighs 85lbs, and has a massive tail. The rest of his litter are all small compared to him without tails...neutered early so he should (technically) be smaller. Suggestions on how to lose weight?

Same with my boy
by: Anonymous

My boy is six and also gained after neutering. He has arthritis and is on adiquan (sp?) injections. It’s a vicious cycle since being 7–10 lbs overweight makes it harder to exercise. He’s been on a diet for a couple
Of years and the weight comes off very slowly. Thyroid’s been tested as normal. He’s is of a stockier build, but on the short side. I tried 8 foods in the attempt to get him on a lower calorie food, but in the end had to do Acana freshwater fish and just feed him less than 2 cups per day. He’s incredibly picky and an aggressive beggar if he hates the food. He’ll literally go on strike.

Reason for being overweight
by: Canadian Aussie

Same situation here. Fixed male, 2 cup diet very active.

It’s the way we are fixing the dogs is the problem. We remove the source of testosterone and destroy their metabolism. If we fixed our dogs the way we fix humans we would not have this problem. Until then love your big ole Aussie, it’s not their fault.

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